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Syn free packed lunch ideas

Have spent sometime looking through the site but still a bit stuck with this one. Hope someone can help.
I need lunch ideas.
Something I can make up and take to work to eat during my short lunchtime. I only have access to a kettle – no microwave or anything like a kitchen.
Have been making the ‘quiche’ but getting so sick of that now.
Any ideas please?
Oh and am ‘green’ – as am a vegetarian. And prefer to eat syn free if possible.
Many huge thanks in advance for any suggestions – am so hungry …..
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hi have u tried mugshots they r quite filling and make a change from quiche :)


Onwards and downwards!
I usually make up a salad before work, sometimes put a bit of pasta in to make it a bit more interesting. And some nice dressing, but I usually use syns for that.
I logged on specifically to post about the same thing... I chanced it that I would be able to get a jacket potato from the canteen but because it's quite limited ended up with a sandwich that has now cost me 27 points!!!!

I usually make up a salad to bring in, including meat and/or egg and use balsamic vinegar as dressing but I am getting so bored of it!!!!

I'd welcome ideas too!

I tried one of the Mug Shots but found it really horrible!!!
I tend to make myself either a potato, rice or pasta salad & just add whatever seasoning/veggies take my fancy. I also add quorn sausages or burgers. Sometimes I blitz some cottage cheese up & pour over the potatoe salad so it's like a dressing.

Today I've had a yummy lunch, I made couscous up with marmite, then added 28grms grated cheese, tomatoes & 8 olives (1 syn) I usually add pickled onions but didn't have any in today.
You could make homemade soups and heat in morning at stu in a decent flask. Couscous is a good one as only need a kettle for that. There are some ready made pot's that are free i think. I'm munching my way through the layered pasta and cheese salad, hea for cheese and couple syn's for dressing. Left over's from night before. You can get some good food flasks now, so heat at home for hot lunch at work. Choices are endless then, chilli con carne quorn obviously, stew's, chunky soups, curry. Think i'd be inclined to buy a cheap microwave for work so i could eat properly at lunch. You could get one for £20. Be worth it for healthy filling hot lunches that would keep me on the wagon.
I tend to take pasta salad on the days I work over lunch time:

Pasta, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, sweetcorn, boiled egg with a fat free vinegarete dressing, Sometimes I add chopped ham, chicken and left over veg from dinner the night before - its very colourful and yummy and i make it the night before so no need for a microwave etc at work just a fork.

I have just had homemade soup today (at home)

Onions, mushrooms, peppers, tinned tomatoes, veg stock, lentils - its yummy and very thick so you can add more liquid if you want it thinner and you can take that to work and heat it up. I had never had lentils before I started making this soup so was a bit wary, no need they add bulk to the soup and once blended down you don't even know they are there.

Hope this helps:):):)


My belly this will be!
I made a vat of stewp cross between soup and stew at the weekend. Into it I put -
onions - fried in frylight first
kallo stock cubes or any veggie stock mix
and fake bacon cut up into small pieces.

Totally delish. I ate some yesterday and separated the rest out keeping one for today in the fridge overnight and the rest are frozen. You could heat one through in the morning at home and bung it in a flask for lunchtime. The frozen ones will be taken out of the freezer in the evening and put in the fridge to defrost over night. I had synned yog for afters but you could have fat free syn free yog and fruit.

Something else that is really fun is to get a 'bento box' and fill it with lots of little yummy things. There are loads of ideas online and a whole thread on the uk vegan forum if you are stuck for ideas. Enjoy!
super ideas thanks.

i think i will get myself a food flask and batch cook a load of superfree bean stews and take them to work.

unfortunatly not even aloud a toaster - so i could imagine work having a total fit if i brought in a microwave
I tend to stick to salads, but vary it with rice, cous cous, pasta or new potatoes, various superfree salady veg, then chicken, tuna, eggs, chick peas, prawns or ham. Have a Kraft dressing that is free, but wasn't keen on it so I tend to spend a syn or two on dressing or mayo.

Food flasks sound a good option if you don't have a kitchen. I have been known to take Mugshots too as a stand-by, but I don't find them as filling.

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