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Syn free yoghurts for vegetarians


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I do believe that Aldi do some... not had them myself as not sure which ones they are.. hopefully someone can enlighten us..

you could do a search on the forum as i know it's been discussed before!



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Yeah, Aldis' optifit ones are veggie and free on SW.
If you're North of the border, Rowan Glen Fat Free ones ar veggie and free and quite like mullers. Some Shape ones are veggie, so is Total 0% and most v low fat natural ones.
Hope that's of help.


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certain shape lasting satifaction yogurts are vegetarian, but only certain flavours, which is strange!

the best ones i've tried are the aldi optifit bio yogurts with grains - the muslie and strawberry ones are the best ;)


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I never even thought about yoghurts being veggie, what is it in them that veggies can't have, it is the milk ? sorry to sound daft
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soon to be skinny minnie
Oh no i didn't realise there is gelatine in yoghurts, i can't eat jelly as i know what it is. Every time i eat a mullerlight i'm going to think of boiled bones and stuff - yuck.

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