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Syn overdose!!!!

:eek:Hi peeps! Right I've noticed how a lot of people get annoyed with themselves after having a few too many syns, so I thought I'd let you know just how much I pigged out after weigh in last night, you can laugh if you like cos I certainly am. Right, when I got home I had a chicken curry that wasn't syn free. Then i had a scone with jam and cream, then I had a chocolate eclair. After that I started on a massive bag of pick n mix, including cola bottles, fudge and fruit salads.I had half of these! Then I had a walnut whip! I soon fell asleep after then! This morning I started on the rest of the sweets and had two more walnut whips. Then I rang my fella and got him to come round, luckily he destroyed the remaining sweets and chocolate. Thought I'd let you know! Am i a pig or what?
Ok, now I do feel terribly guilty but because the thought of another sweet makes me feel incredibly sick, I know I can get back on plan! All I have to do is get through the rest of today,God I do feel rough now! self inflicted I know!!!
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haha oh henny thats what i did and i ant stopped for two week till monday all i seemed to do was eat and feel guilty then eat because i felt guilty it's a vicious circle.
Ok guys, I've sat down and had a good think, what's best.. eating lovely sugary foods and feeling good for a few minutes and then Feeling ill for the next day. Or eating healthy, feeling happy and having loads of energy? I think it's time i had a kick up the butt and decided to get a grip and be good. Then everytime I want some sugar I shall read my above post and remind myself how bloody awful it makes me feel. Tomorrow is a new day
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hi henny,

oh that sounds like the nights i used to have when i came home from my weigh ins lol... i also have the mood swings lol... oh bad days for whoever was around me at the time hahaha xx
Thanks Gemsy, you've made me feel much better, thought it was just me who got the mood swings cos of cheating! I've realised it's not just me that suffers when I cheat, me fella does too (bless him!), I'll try to remember that next time


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I used to do that after WI but now I have to go training almost straight after so I only have time for something sensible and no chocolate! By the time I get home it's bed time then the next day the moment has passed
Last night I had two mini bags of maltesers and three mini jaffacakes, which is quite bad for me. Wasn't my weigh in day, I think I'm coming up to that time and all I want is sweets and chocolate!! BUT I've just ate sweet berries instead today :)


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that's the kind of thing I do - yesterday I just couldn't (or wouldn't) stop eating. Today, I've used both my HEb and 1 HEa (all I ever have due to slight lactose intolerance) so I had a yoghurt after lunch and will have a banana with my cup of tea later on. No chocolate in the house thank goodness, else I would eat that as well;)


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:eek: Oh my Lord!!!

*Ninja backs slowly out of the room*
It wasnt really! It's never worth it in the end is it? Plus my teeth are killing me now when I eat chocolate - I'm just not used to it anymore - the sugar makes my teeth tingle!
My teeth tingle too!! In fact, they are now....sooo ashamed, just ate a caramel egg AND a creme egg!! This is not a good week for me...my syns are probably thourgh the roof :mad: No ones fault but my own though!

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