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Syn Valued Resturaunt Meals...


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Just fishing for as many oppinions as possible here..

If your local resturaunt i.e. brewers fayre, orchid group etc etc had all meals pre syn valued with this syn value displayed on the menu would this make you more likely to eat at the venue?

If the above mentioned venue had a sub section of the menu that was slimming world approved would this make you more likely to eat there.

Obviously this idea would translate to w.w. as well with all items given thier points values etc....

the more feedback i can get on this the better ....

Thanx in advance ...

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I was thinking why noone has come up with a good healthier version restaurant as of yet.
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to be fair, if sw just opened there own bloody resteraunt my life would be a hell of alot easier!

but yes, i eat out loads and always try to chose the best options but you can never be sure when not cooking it yourself..

i would do out of my way to eat at a pre-syn valued resteraunt. x
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A chain of SW restaurants, how awesome would that be! I was talking to my husband about this the other day, if I had the skill and money I'd open one.:D


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It would be so much easier if syns were on the menu. Then again, maybe sometimes it does us good to have something we really enjoy and just call it flexi-syns.


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Any place where there is syns and points and cals and sat fats for what you eat. Would give everyone across the board, from diets to those on strict diets for say Diabetics too. Simple really.
Most of the big chains have their nutritional values on their website. Not sure if it's any use for working out Syns but there's a sticky on the WW section entitled Eating Out which has links to all the big chains


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I dont think restaurants would put syns on the menu cos it might put people off eating there!!!

If i wanted an Eton Mess but discovered it was 82 syns, i dont think i would order it!!!

good for us to know the syns i agree - but bad for the business i imagine....unless it was a health spa or something !!!! haha! x


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Someone was talking about a pub quite local to us at class last night which does actually have slimming world options on the menu, I am off there friday night so will update you all. Although for most of you Essex will probably be just a bit to far to come for a meal!!
I dont think restaurants would put syns on the menu cos it might put people off eating there!!!

If i wanted an Eton Mess but discovered it was 82 syns, i dont think i would order it!!!

good for us to know the syns i agree - but bad for the business i imagine....unless it was a health spa or something !!!! haha! x
I don't think it would put people off if anything I think it would encourage people. If you found something was 82 syns then no you wouldn't order it but wouldn't it be nice to know which options were low syns. I think anyone on SW would welcome knowing syn values whether they were good or bad


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I'm FOREVER saying that restaurants should do this!! It would make people a lot more comfortable about eating out, and there must be sooo many people who are trying to lose weight and get frustrated with restaurants and the stress of trying to work out the best thing to choose and worrying about how to syn it!! They wouldn't have to put syn values next to the really naughty things, but they could certainly 'syn' the healthier options!! If there's a campaign going on, I'll sign up for it!!X


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I think that it would be a great idea, I am an insulin dependant diabetic and have to count carbohydrates, which can sometimes be very difficult if things have a sauce and stuff

Carla x
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ooh snuggle69 where is this place? Im not too far from you, im in Harlow, but always up Romford way xx I agree though I would like some places to have syn values, if only to help you realise how naughty some things are for you. Like yesterday, when i didnt eat that Bens Cookie, my fav, i went on their website and got all the nutritional info then went on SW on worked out the syns and it was 20.5 syns, to think i would eat 2 or 3 of them if given! it really put me off! xx


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great input thanks to all who have replied so far..

only one thing...

133 views and only 16 responses come on what does it take to write a few words people.....


I think what puts most resturants off is the possibility that SW would require some kind of payment for endorsment.

About the 82 syn pudding wouldnt it have been great if there had been a sw alternative at a low syn value replacing the cream with yog or similar.

There are loads of sw alternative recipies that could bring syn values right down.

I like the idea of maybe opening a resturaunt of our own that would be focused on healthy eating and could have syn and points values with low syn alternatives available on request, Eve certainly has the skills to produce all these......

So keep the replies commin please was hoping for a lot more than the response i have had so far...

A huge thanx to all who have posted all your feedback is being noted..




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It would definitely be useful to have syn values, WW points and general nutrition values more widely available.
And I would chose to eat places that did this rather than elsewhere.
there was a cafe in Pontypridd. The owner(male)had lost lots of weight on SWand everything was based on Sw recipesbut wasn't endorsed by them. When we asked why he didn't display syn values one of the staff said that they couldn'tbecause of copyright and it was too expensive to get permission. I dont know if they had contacted Sw or not.The cafe was lovely though.

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