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Synful Soup!!!

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hi guys,
Sorry for so many off topic threads of late - but just thought I'd share.
Most you of you probably know this (wish I had!) anyway, but just incases!!

So for the past month or so I've been having soup for my lunch at work (when I haven't had any salad/pasta or the time to make my own) and I THOUGHT, thanks to the calorie/fat content that they were relatively okay.
Just got a message back from my consultant - 10 and a half per syn!!

Haven't been so shocked since I found out the value for a muller rice :p

Anyway, just sharing. Good luck with your weigh ins, have a great weekend :) x
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I have had 2 syntastic soups this week!!!

Yesterday i had Baxters Chunky Carrot, Butterbean and Coriander - one tin = 11 syns on all plans. Half of the tin is a HEB choice though.

Today i have Batchelors Soupfulls 300g pouch - Tomato with pasta = 8 syns on all plans.

It is scary as you expect soups to be low. They must melt lard into them.

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
I know you can have some
As HEB, but I KNOW I wouldn't leave the other half of the tin :p

The 10 and a half sinner was a Heinz chicken (low salt as well!!!) goodness me!!!

I will be making a big batch of celery soup! Mwahahaaha take that syns!!
The thing with tinned/fresh soups is that there is no free food allowance (for some reason???) so the syn value always seems high.

I do wonder why a soup with veg, tomatoes and beans etc is high in syns but the powers that SW be have decided that it is so I make my own!!
I can understand high syns in a soup that is predominantly made from processed chemicals, synthetic flavours and thickeners etc, but for the fresh soups you can buy the syns seem disproportionatly high for the ingredients that they have.

That said, I usually make my own anyway!
Just like Jen, I make my own. Tastes better, can bulk-make, freezes, probably cheaper and no hidden fats, creams syns.

Going to make some shortly - potato, swede, parsnip,carrot & onion. Might even make a small batch of wholemeal rolls to freeze alongside:)
Someone bought me the New Covent Garden Soup recipe book (well they bought one, I have since bought more!), and their recipes are so delicious, simple and mostly syn free. Even the creamy soups only have a very small amount of cream, which divided up between the servings, means it's only a syn or so for each person.

That said I usually make mine to be syn free anyway.

My current favourite is roasted butternut squash and sweet potato.

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
You guys are right! Better to make my own... It's all about being prepared!!

Thank you!
And soup recipes would be most appreciated! xx
I love making soup, it seems to satisfying :)


I LOVE the Covent Garden book.

Gave a loan of it to a friend and never got it back. I'm going to ask for it now.
I had celery and apple soup at a cafe a while ago, so I have tried to recreate it. I have fried chopped onion, carrot, apple, celery and celeriac in Frylight, then added chicken stock and seasoning and simmered for an hour. Tomorrow I will liquidise it and reheat it for my lunch.

To be continued . . .
I have made soups in the past, but i must be making them wrong as they taste too bland :( perhaps i need to invest in better spices....??
Surprisingly I only add sea salt and black pepper. Sometimes to aid reduction or thickening I add a few pieces of potato.

I must admit though it is by and large veggie soup I make - I tried a couple of others, but stick to what I know lol.
Making soup is my therapy :) but today I was even too tired to make soup. I'm hoping to make spicy carrot and red lentil tomorrow :p

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