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Syns advice pls - save or not to save?


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I have a few syns questions that I hope you lovely people can help me with. I read on minimins that you can count your syns weekly as long as you have no more than 105 a week. I like this idea incase I fancy a night out. But my consultant says not to save them but just allocate flexi-syns if I'm going out. Surely that means my weight loss will be slower than if I just do it on a weekly basis? What do you do?

Also, do you eat most of your syns even if you aren't hungry? I was advised to eat at least 10 a day so I have somewhere to go when my weightless slows down, but find myself eating chocolate at bedtime to use up some syns, even if I'm not hungry.

I'd welcome your thoughts! Thank you :)
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Hi :)

Personally I have never been one for saving up syns on a weekly basis, I just have daily and then have a flexi syn day if I need it. This in my opinion is the beauty of slimming world, sort of empowers you so you don't go crazy as let's face it this isn't a diet its a way of eating for life and that includes going out and eating a little 'badly' from time to time. Flexi syns allows for this :) Saying that I have a friend who draws a weekly chart of all her syns and then ticks them off, that works fine for her and always has. Really think its a choice thing. Maybe test it if you wanted to seeing if it affects your losses but if it were me I would go with your consultant and flexi it :)

As for using up all your syns because you ought to well I don't. If I'm not hungry i see it silly to eat for the sake of it, guess just think about it and make sure your not depriving yourself during the day? Like maybe you fancy a biscuit with your tea or a bit of butter on your jacket spud! I understand that cutting back now gives you nothing to cut in the future so just make sure your not going without now really, but eating for the sake of it is probably not ideal :)

Hi! Our consultant says it's fine to save up your syns for the weekend or a night out. He has given us all 15 syns a day this week then he is dropping us to 10 next week. It's my first week on plan so I'm hoping I don't go too mad with the lager this weekend! Lol


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Our consultant says to use them weekly, so for example in my food diary on the first day I start with 105 and deduct them each day as I go so if I use 10 the next day I have 95.
Flexible syns is something a biz different if you have access to the SW website they give a really good example it's about if your having a night out and your usual 10-15 won't be enough but it stops you depriving yourself for the rest of the week as that's when we give up. Yes it may slow weight loss that week you may not loose but it stops the attitude "oh I've had a crap day I may as well give up!" I hope this helps!


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I've always used my syns weekly, SW say this is fine. Some Consultants don't recommend it because they think you might feel deprived on days when you have less syns.
Flexi-synning is really only for special occasions like birthdays/weddings etc., not for a weekly night out! You might not lose weight on a week when you've had a flexi syn day so you couldn't flexi syn EVERY week if you are serious about losing weight.There's no point in eating chocolate that you don't really want when you can save those syns for the weekend when you might want them more.


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I start with 105 and deduct as I go along. I'm normally doing something each week, going out for a meal or drinking, so daily syns would not work for me. If I still had loads left by WI I wouldn't eat for the sake of it however this hasn't happened yet. If you are doing it on a daily basis and find you are not using at least 10 then try to build some into your meals or enjoy a naughty snack rather then fruit. It took a while for me to get my head around the fact that a diet encourages treats but this is why SW is not a diet but healthy lifelong way of eating and why so many people find it easy to stick to or come back to.


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Personally I'm a daily syn girl.

Ive come from WW where you save or debt points if you've had more than your daily allowance.I wanted to come away from all the counting, hence doing SW.

For me to be saving syns and working on a total feels bit like WW and I don't feel relaxed.

I have the syns I need and keep within my limit. If the weekend is going to be a heavy syn day I make it a Flex day. If I don't lose never mind but that doesn't normally happen cos I follow the plan 6 days and don't go mad on my flex day

Sorry for the long reply lol
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I think all consultants say different things when it comes to to saving syns I've been told not to save them and some consultants say you can.
Personally, I don't use my syns daily and I don't eat them for the sake of it. I always save them for the weekend so I can have a drink and not worry about it. When o stick to the plan 100% through the rest of the week I always tend to lose weight. Doesn't seem to do me any harm.


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Saving them and using them weekly is different, using them weekly is starting with 105 and counting down, saving them is only letting yourself have say 5 and then using them at the weekend this is what SW don't want they want us to do flexi instead of this as it's saving that's leads people to feel deprived!

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