Syns calculator help please?


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*sigh* I am confused :eek:

I have just had a 'rainbow salad' from Sainsbury's for my lunch. Very tasty (although not really 'snow' food lol!)

When I tried inputting it into the syns calculator it gave me wildly different values. Using the NV per 100g I got a syn value of 3 for the 215g pack. Using the per-pack NV figures, it came out at syns. Clearly I'd rather take the 3!

What also confuses me is that it has more free food content than I can enter on the calculator. It contains cous cous, lentils, chickpeas, edamame beans, red and yellow pepper, spring onion, spinach and rocket. All free, right? The syns would come from the sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and the small tub of dressing.

I just don't know how to syn for the best! I want to be as accurate as possible this week and follow the plan to the letter. Maybe I can't have anything like this if I'm doing that! LOL!

Any suggestions on what syns I should allow?

Thanks peeps.

H x
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Does it give the percentage of the pot per ingredient? Like 5% seeds, then you could work out the weight of the seeds and syn them.
Same for the dressing?
I've looked in the food directory and it's not listed. Hmm!
Could you ring the syns hotline?


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i hate things that are so much effort to syn lol!

if its just a couple seeds and a splodge of dressing lets hope its low lol!