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Syns - do I have to have them every day


Still trying to get to grips with SW (first week). I know we are supposed to have syns but I am honestly happy with the free food and I am eating loads of fruit and mullerlights.

I haven't managed any syns at all today and if I had some now it would be purely eating just for the sake of it- not because I need / want something :confused:. That can't be good surely?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated

Thanks xx
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Hi and welcome to SW and here!

I would HIGHLY recommend using syns - at least 5 like they say. You can use them on healthier items, like extra HEs or more meat on green, pasta on red...or treats.

But DO USE THEM! Depriving self is not good long term.

Hope this helps x
hi their, belive me i felt like this for the first month of being on sw!! i was so full up i didnt have any space for syns, but ya realy should have them, because when you hit a platteu you will have something to reduce to keep yr weight loss steady, i used to use mine in sauces etc , but now after being on sw 4 month i use them 4 treats-hehe
laura x


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I agree. It's important that you have at least 5 syns a day, but best 10-15!
If you can't think of anything else to eat, you could always have a little olive oil in cooking, or bit of extra cheese or another HEX.
I tend to use most of my syns for my tipple but there is so much you can do, even when full!


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You're bound to want a nice bottle of plonk or a treat when it gets to the weekend, so if you can do without on weekdays, it won't do you any harm dudette! xx
Thanks for the great responses - every single one was useful

So I can save up syns rather than eating them just for the sake of it?

I just don't want to eff it up. Sick to the back teeth of dieting and don't want to go on another diet for the REST OF MY LIFE

That's why I chose SW - more of a way of eating for life from what I can tell.

Thanks again - I really appreciate all the replies



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I would see how your weight has responded to this weeks intake. If your not happy with your weight loss discuss with your consultant. if you are happy keep on going the way you are xx


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I think you have to see how it works for you, some people find they can use their syns weekly and some people prefer to use their syns daily it really depends on the person.

But one thing i would say is use them! If you dont you will feel deprived and when you get to a plateau you can cut them back!

Keep eating you free food though that will really help your losses! Good luck on your first WI x
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i would say use then and as Henna says see how it works for you. i use mine daily because when i save them i have smaller losses. I have between 13-15 each day and still avarage a loss of 2lbs a week. The minimum you should have in a week is 35 and the maximum would be 105 so alot to play with. :)

Mrs V

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I was a huge believer in not having any syns for the sake of it...didnt want them, didnt need them.

Now, as the weight has come off, I have them for things like a packet of crisps, mayonaise on a salad and gravy granules etc. Now that I am exercising more, I feel they take away the edge from wanting rubbish.


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I was exactly the same when I started SW & I even thought surely I'd do better by not having syns. Losses were good at first then I hit a plateau so my consultant said to eat full syns 2 days & a few the rest. After months (of not doing too well) I spoke to her again last night & she said to have at least 10 syns a day. It is good as you feel like you're treating yourself too. Plus at some point you'll have to have less so you need to be having some so that you can decrease that amount.
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I know some people have been advised at their groups to not save them up for the end of the week and have between 10 - 15 syns per day but I find that really difficult because if I was having that many a day I would over eat and gorge myself! so I usually have about 2 - 5 a day and then save the rest for a few glasses of wine at the weekend! to start with I used to stick to 10 per day rigidly (have 70 per week) but I find that if I increase that by 15 a day so I have 105 per week my losses are pretty much the same - averaging 1lb per week! hope this helps xx
Thanks everyone - certainly given me lots to think about.

I think the reason that I'm not too bothered about my syns is that for the first time in (what feels like) forever I am allowed to enjoy things like fruit and potatoes - they still feel like a guilty pleasure :rolleyes: For so long I have been led to believe that potatoes are the enemy - how effed up is that??!!! :eek:


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