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Syns - does what you choose effect your loss (or not?)

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thinking about food

I have noticed that over the course of 10 weeks the things I choose to syn on effect my weight despite staying within 5-15 syns daily. Those things, unfortunately, are wine and chocolate. Any ideas why? I am measuring carefully and writing it down. Is it better to use syns on more healthy options like olive oil, dried fruits, bread etc? Surely the amount of calories/fat is the same regardless of what you choose to syn on? Or have I got it wrong? I am going a week without both wine and chocolate to test myself again. Does anyone else have this occur? I am an online member so can't ask a group.

Thanks guys and gals
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hollys nan

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Hi to be honest this is an interesting one and I am sorry I dont really know. I just know that hubby saved all his syns up last week and had a bit of alcohol at the weekend and had a pound gain! You can try as you said things a bit differently and see how you go.


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I read somewhere(can't remember where) that when your body is processing alcohol it's not doing anything else. I can't explain it properly but this is how I understand it.

Under normal conditions, your body will turn the food you eat into energy and your body uses that energy.

When you have alcohol, our body will focus on that alcohol. It can't process the food in the same way it normally would. Almost can't multi take when it comes to alcohol.

As I said, I can't remember where I read this and I'm sure I've not used accurate terms, but that's how I understood it at the time.


When I used to go to group, my group leader said that I should use my syns more in meals, rather saving them exclusively for snacks (I was eating all free foods and saving all my syns for mince pies).


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I never used to have all of my syns and wasnt really bothered to be honest. Recently though after christmas and havnig a major wobble and lack of losses I decided to start having all my syns and then I am not missing things. I have had 1lb losses for the last few weeks but Ive realised its more to do with the food I have been having, Ive been eating a lot of carby food and I know the plan says we can have it but I have decided to cut back a bit with it and if the home scales are right (not always) Im heading for a 3lb loss this week with just cutting down my carbs and having more veg in its place, and that is with having all 15 syns. I love slimming world, I get to eat healthy and still eat chocolate, win win! ;)


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hmm this is an interesting thread. I tend to eat alot of carbs - pasta and potatoes and rice as its 'free' and either dont use Syns at all or bank them for weekend wine. This week i did have a few glasses on sat but have had less carbs and more veg and salad so be interesting to see if it changes as ive been up or down by only 1lb for last few weeks and STS last week.


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If I use my syns on alcohol (I only drink red wine) I'll still have good losses, but not so much if they are used on food, which suits me as I'd rather eschew treats during the week for a nice couple of bottles at the weekend anyway.