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syns in options hot chocolate drink????

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Slimmy Kimmy, 10 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. Slimmy Kimmy

    Slimmy Kimmy Member

    Hi I'm new today :) and have started SW last week but doing it on my own (well with a bit of help from my best friend and daughter who are trying it as well) so far ive lost 6lbs since last monday :),, can anyone tell me how many syns in options hot chocolate drink please??? thanks x
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  3. Mrs LAC

    Mrs LAC Member

    2 syns per packet ... yummy! If you have any milk left from Healthy Extra A add it to make it extra creamy.
  4. Slimmy Kimmy

    Slimmy Kimmy Member

    Hi thanks for that this is the jar of options so I guess the syn value would be the same per serving??
  5. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    2 syns for an 11g serving
  6. Slimmy Kimmy

    Slimmy Kimmy Member

    thanks i will pass that info on to my daughter who is due back to uni tomorrow and is trying hard to get to grips with SW
  7. woodgie

    woodgie New Member

    Syns vary between 1½ - 2 Syns depending on which flavour you go for:

    List below is based on 11g serving:

    Belgian Choc - 2 Syns
    Mint Madness - 2 Syns
    Belgian Choc - 2 Syns
    Caribbean Coconut - 1½ Syns
    Choca Mocha - 2 Syns
    Cracking Hazelnut - 1½ Syns
    Double Choc, Limited Edition - 2 Syns
    Dreamy Caramel - 2 Syns
    Go Bananas - 1½ Syns
    Mint Madness - 2 Syns
    Ooh La La Vanilla - 1½ Syns
    Outrageous Orange - 1½ Syns
    Tempting Toffee -2 Syns
    Wicked White Chocolate - 2 Syns
    Last edited: 13 January 2011
  8. -Tally-

    -Tally- Silver Member

    Thank you. :)
  9. HeidiP

    HeidiP New Member

    Thanks for this info. I thought they would be more than that!
  10. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    Try the new Turkish Delight one - its called "Delight" for a reason!!
  11. sadolphingirl

    sadolphingirl Full Member

    The banoffee options is 3 syns per serving....
    HTH somebody!

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