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syns in Sriracha hot chilli sauce?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by frankie_amore, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. frankie_amore

    frankie_amore Member

    Hello! I've trawled the internet looking for syns in sriracha but cannot seem to find anything relating to syn content! If someone could help me that'd be great.

    Thank you
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  3. timtim

    timtim Gold Member

    I'd like to know this too. I just syn in at 2 per tablespoon but would be good too know the real syn value! X
  4. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Silver Member

    I have this too!!

    Cant find that exact one online BUT other chilli sauce (Blue Dragon Hot Chilli Sauce) seems to be only half a syn per tablespoon!
  5. frankie_amore

    frankie_amore Member

    Thanks :). This might be a bit cheeky but I don't attend groups so could someone possibly check the syn value with their consultant??? Or in the food directory? And then feed back in here??? :-D

    Many thanks
  6. GothGoddess

    GothGoddess Time to start again!

    The most useful thing you need to know is 20 cals equals one syn... Read how many cals and convert in to syns...xx

    From the Dark side with love...xx
  7. timtim

    timtim Gold Member

    I've had a look on the app it's not there. Good idea with cals I'll see of I can find them thank you xx
  8. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    I've found it on iPhone app and it's 0.5 syns per tablespoon
  9. timtim

    timtim Gold Member

    Aw that's brill thanks :) x
  10. frankie_amore

    frankie_amore Member

    Ooooh! You've made me a very happy woman! I love Sriracha! :D

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