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syns on extra easy???????

Hi everyone!!!
My consultant was not very helpful on this question so just wondered if any of you guys know?
I know you can save your syns and uses them on a later day in the week but when you are on Extra Easy plan can you still do this?
My consultant says that she does not think you can but not sure so I just wanted to double check!!!!
Thanks xx
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I suppose it will not do any harm to save the syns as I wil not be sticking to the plan for christmas day either way so hopefully it may not have too much effect on my loss!!! even if I mantain over christmas I do not mind as I'll be sticking with SW until all 3 stone has gone!!!!
Our consultant says syns must not be saved up as it encourages the 'binge mentality' that SW is designed to avoid, which makes sense.

I am not counting syns on Christmas day, but I rarely go over about 10 anyway, so in theory, would have a few 'stored' in case ;)
If you don't use your syns on the day, then you shouldnt carry them over, as someone else said, this is encouraging binging, which is not recommended. If you need to go over your syns for a special occasion, then have a flexi day.

Plus the daily syn recommendation is 10-15 syns per day, not 5-15 like previously recommended on green or original plans.
I qouted from sw website last week offical line is this is ok its on there in the faq section
is a flexi day just really having a day off?? I do not want to bindge but will be going to my mums for christmas day so I'll be have a prawn coctail (or does anyone a syn free idea for prawn coctail) the main meal will be pretty healthy apart from the fancy stuffings she does but then there is desert!!!!! dont want to miss that as thats when we pull crackers LOL!!!!

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