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T.G.I.F!!!! Hour X Hour

Mornign peeps!!

Happy Friday to you!!

Looks like its going to be another nice day, and I have another early finish! Yessss!!

Starting on my water now - had the luxury of a big cup of coffee this morning instead of my usual 2 pints before work, so now time to catch up!!

Last night at the pub - that was REALLLLLLY hard!!! I went outside for a fag, and when I came in it appeared several of the group decided to have their meals theie - it is usually just one or two of us. I walked in to such amazing aromas, and then sat down just as everyone had their meals brought ou - SHeppards Pie, Ham Egg and CHips, Bacon and Brie baguettes.....it smelled MARVELOUS....and I had to be careful - I was afraid I was going to salivate!!! As I had just come in from having a a fag, I cuoldn't very well get right back up and go out again. (I could have of course, but you know). So I sat there while they ate these wonderful looking meals. ANd I was realllly envious. I just wanted one bite of the ham and egg and one chip. Was that too much too ask!?? lol It really was tough....as soon as it was time enough, I shot back outside. I had a little pout, and then was OK. BUt it was tough. I find the smell is what makes it tough.

Then of course, the landlady always brings us out three baskets of complimentary chips...and as luck would have it, she ALWAYS plonks them down under my nose!! Which I swiftly pass to someone else.

And THEN...this morning, I find on my desk a huge gorgeous CHocolate Chip COokie - they must have had some celebration or something after I left yesterday!!! And that too was swiftly moved to another colleagues desk!!

They are out to get me!!!!! THEY'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

ANwya- thats my little tale.

Have a good day everyone!!

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Thanks toller girl - it was for some reason unusually tough last night. I really had an urge to "accidentliy" pop a chip in my mouth and then just say "oops" ....lol....but that voice in my head said - 'later....you can have them later....this is not forever. Remember?" And I resisted. But blumin hard. Hate days like that. There have not been many yet - but I know there will be more to come. Must just stay strong!!

THanks hon!

Well done on staying strong BL, I knew you could do it!! Weirdly, when I was right into the diet last year, I couldn't get enough of the smell of food, I was sticking my nose into everything!

My big test is tonight, making a curry for hubbby - droooool!!!!
Some days, I love the smell and find it satisying - then other times like last night, it just feels like a trigger!!! The other morning when I got here and I mentioned the grilling onions and bacon - and once in the grocery store walkking past the roasting chickens - I just had to breat in little open puffs, so as not to allow it to waft up my nose!! I looked like a lil puffer fish!! LOL BUt I could'nt take it!!! :D

oooh, good luck tonight - I haven't cooked anything yet for hubb excpet a frozen pizza!!! FOrtuantely for me he has his meals in the canteen at wrok due to the hours he works - makes it easy!!


How's your SD?


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I've found those wobbly moments make us stronger.

I really struggled yesterday, was staaaarving and was so desperate to eat, but didn't.

Today I feel pleased with myself for getting through it, and know if I can do it once I can do it again. :D
Too right there Toller - that is a great tool, one day of success leads to another, because its proven it can be done! And I find, the next day, like this morning, when I wake - I think - OK - So those meals looked lovely last night...but how has NOT having them changed my life in a negative way? And of course, there is no answer, because they didn't. Lots of mind work in this here journey!!
well done BL! will power is a great thing sometimes =]
and i know exactly what you mean about the smell of things, is it just me or does your sense of smell become ultra sensative on LL??!
But like you said- imagine how crap you would have felt this morning if you had given in- and thats what we all need to rememeber whenever we go to eat!
Today marks 3 weeks of SS for me- my 3rd weigh in tomorrow and I cant bloody weight (haha get it?) sorry its still early :(
im not used to being up at this strange hour!


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had a wobbly moment yesterday, dropped someone off outside my usual cafe and when they went in the smell of bacon butties wafted into my cab. I just drove off very quickly! Still I had my fruit bar to look forward to.
had a wobbly moment yesterday, dropped someone off outside my usual cafe and when they went in the smell of bacon butties wafted into my cab. I just drove off very quickly! Still I had my fruit bar to look forward to.
Thats what i do - make a quick exit, whenever possible!!! Well done!

You are work toda Gazz - nice sunny day, I am thinking about taking the ike out for a blast! :D


constantly confused
Having a bit of a rubbish day today. Not sure why really.

Still, it's my second weigh in tomorrow, I've made an effort to have all my water this week so I'd better have a good loss!

Been lectured twice today about why this diet is silly. Been told it's too expensive and healthy food is cheaper (yes, but it was the week before the diet and that didn't make a difference then) and also that I should stop it for one day for a work night out.

I dont' like explaining it and I couldn't come up wtih a reason I didn't want to go out, and I knew if I took any longer to think about it it would look like a lie so I told the truth and then regretted it.

Finished work for the weekend, so might go upstairs for a self indulgent, woe is me, nap. :rolleyes:
Good on you BL for staying strong - if only we could eat/taste the smell and not have if effect us. My hubby made home made pizzas yesterday, dough and all - had goats cheese and allsorts on and just to make things worse he made garlic bread with all this bread he's been baking ---- swine! So I had a sniff of his plate and of my sons and told myself that that was my lot and to be satisfied - I was fine then.

Toller - you just ignore everyone, you're doing great and most importantly you're doing something that feels right for you and it's proven to work.
Hi everyone.

I'm bored.:sigh:

Can't go for a ride - batteries flat. Was going to cut back lavender - secuturs (sp?) have rusted shut.

And I want to want to eat something. :( But don't worry, I'm not going to. But I want to. :rolleyes:

lol - in a moment of self pity, to show my husband how hard I am working on this, I wanted to show him what I am enduring with Psyllium Husks, so I mixed a little and let it congeal....of course that is not how I have them, but for dramatic effect, it looked better(worse)....I brought in a cup of gloop and showed him. He said now he doesn't feel like eating! LOL I said good, cause I don't want to wach him eating!!! :D hehe It was disgusting though!!! LOL

I wish it were Monday - I want to hear I lost for a shot of inspiration. Just feeling a bit,,,,,mmmm,,,,far far far from goal. Don't know where this is coming from ....and it will pass. But hey ho. :rolleyes:
Don't be bored, go find something/anything to do --- don't sit there thinking about food or wanting to eat.

It's so close to Monday now that we're almost touching it --- mad isn't it to look forward to the day that you usually dislike cos it means the weekend is over :)

I'm waiting on hubby coming in (about 4 minutes) and we're off shopping for a couple of hours.
Well, I tried to have a little kip - but that was no good....just kept thinking of food. So I got up and went for a walk up town. That was good to get out and some fresh air, etc. Feeling better now, but will be glad when this day is done!!! Have not been very many hard days, but this is one of them.:(

Hubby just left for work, and won't be back till tomorrow morning. :(So....going to go have a nice warm soak, slather myself up in lotions and potions. Then make a "Lemon Cake" (Absolutely my new favourite....so nice!) :p

Then I am going to watch Amaerica's Next Top Model (I know I know...what can I say - it's one of my guilty pleasures!!) :eek::D

Then later I will have some soup and maybe a good chick flick or rom com. And who knows after that. :confused:

All I know is I am not opening my back door or I will smell the pizza parlor, uncle sams burgers and the chinese.:mad::sigh::D
I'm struggling a bit today as well :( but LET'S NOT GIVE UP! Tomorrow WILL be easier.
Just a thought - why not re-read your diary to remind yourself what your goals really are and to remind yourself why you're choosing to do this?
I'll bet this is some kind of knock-on effect from last night - from suffering as you did watching everyone else eat their pub meals! My "wobbly episode" last week came the day after being at a party with lots of lovely food which I managed to resist - but boy! did it put me in a mood :( (self-pity, resentment, deprivation etc etc) which led to a binge.
Don't let that happen to you, kiddo! Stay strong! We are all willing you to succeed! Grit your teeth and hang on ..... xx
Thanks Mrs P!!!

I am no way going to give in!!! Nosiree!! Just got to silence those voices or plug the nose, one or the other!! :D

I agree with what you said, I have been around people eating a lot for the last three days straight, and it carried on at work today - every single member of my team, one by one went to the kanteen and brought back a full fry up breakfast, so all morning it smelled of food. So I know tomorrow will be better!!! :) And hubby is off to work already so I won't be watching him scoff, so it is now time to chill.

Just had a lovley bath and sugar scrub and then lovely mango buttered meself up!! All soft and smelling nice! (hmmm. Maybe I am supposed to be doing this when the husband is HOME!!??) LOL oops!!! :D :D

Thanks so much!!! You stay strong too Mrs!!! You deserve this as much as anyone!! This is one battle we CAN win!!!

Hi BL, well I'm glad to say that you sound brighter than you did before .... here's one thing to cheer you up --- tomorrow is nearly here :)

Well I went to Wigan with hubby, we picked up our son from school and took him too - had a nice time, I even went to the pub with them while they both had a meal so that hubby didn't have to cook. It weren't as bad as being at home to be honest as they both chose things that I'd never choose and though it looked good it didn't look brilliant - which is what hubby's home cooking always looks, smells and tastes.

Might have to take them there more often :)
Hi Katie...thanks hon. I am feeling better. A walk and a bubble bath and goodies does a world of good. :)

You day/evening sounds nice!

I am going to make my lemon cake now on wacth some TV for a bit...and TRY to stay off here....I think I am getting ADD!!! I can't concentrate fully on one without the other!! LOL

See you in a bit!! (heheh...I had actually typed See you ina bite!)


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