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T4A - Christmas Countdown Diary

Well I've decided to keep a diary of my Christmas countdown. Having to post here will give me some extra motivation but if the truth be told my heads back on straight.

At work yesterday, I had to pop to the post office for stamps and one of the girls in the office said, oh would you do me a favour. Sure I said and then secretly cringed inside when she asked me to get her a packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate. I laughed and said to her that I had an apple in my drawer if she'd prefer hehe! So off I went to the post office thinking in my head what I'd had today and what I could possibly have.........a Freddie Freddo perhaps ?? I survived another temptation hurdle and the funny thing is, I'd had no syns yesterday at all and only realised that at 8pm last night so I treated myself to a small shortbread finger with my cuppa, 5.5 syns, it was definately worth it.

So today brings another day of challenges. Cinema tonight means I'll have to pop out and get some grapes and pretend they're buttered popcorn.........what a mission !

Have a good day everyone, and remember, if things go wrong, dont go with them!
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sounds like you're well on your way! well done for staying strong yesterday :D and have a lovely time tonight :D xxxx


Is so very nearly there!
Well done yest :) Its not easy but very gratifying when ya do it!

Have fun at cinema - what ya going to see?!x


I ate my willpower!
At group on Monday, my SWC bought in these roasted soya beans that were from Tesco. The bag was big and the whole bag was 23.5 syns. But you eat them in replace of peanuts and they were really nice (and I don't even like peanuts!). If you had a few of those for about 5 syns, they are a good alternative to popcorn.
Thanks for the tip there about the roasted soya things, I'm just going to stick to my grapes. Not got time to go galavanting round Tescos.

Going to see Tropic Thunder with my son, he's been asking me for ages so tonight is the night.

Will let you know how I did with the popcorn temptation later. Ohhhhhh I adore popcorn. Eeeeeek !!!!!, just kidding, I'll be fine!

Have a good evening :party0049:
Well its day 6 and I've managed to get some nice trousers on for work this morning that have been quite a struggle for the past few weeks.

Which prompts todays thought of the day?

How many of us have multiple sizes of clothing in our wardrobes. Mine currently range from size 12 (in underbed storage) to a size 20 and its amazing just how much stuff is going unworn. I have a brand new (2 yr old) winter coat still with the lables on which I've never worn. Incredible......

Anyway, have a good day, and remember if things go wrong, dont you dare go with them !

T4A x :D

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