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Tail between my legs...


Guess who's back...?
... and it tickles a bit!

Right then - due to my USELESS approach to Lighter Life at the latter end of my journey, I have a few packs left over in a bag... well, by a few I mean.. ummm... 38 *cough*!

SO - I am going to start again tomorrow and do a week, see what happens... I was 11 st 8 lbs when I woke up this morning and I'd really like to get below the 11 st mark...

Not sure if I'll manage it on 38 packs... which is... ummm... about 9 days? I have been low carbing so either that will serve me well and mean I get into ketosis quicker - OR it will mean by body doesn't go through as much 'shock' and I don't lose as much as I would normally. Advice??

Just for the record - I have been ok since coming off LL, have put on about 2lbs, which is nothing in one month - and had involved loads of weights work EVERY day at the gym - so I don't think I've actually gained any fat... BUT, I have realised that I am just not at my goal yet... it's been lovely managing my food etc, but I'd rather be managing it at a lower weight - so here we go again!

Unfortunately at least 50% of my packs are chocolate, but beggers can't be choosers...

I'd "like" to do this properly - go back into Developers etc, but I'm off to Argentina in the first week of May, and don't want to be abstaining when I'm there (also, I'm there for a while, so not very feasible, haha, I'd need a suitcase for packs alone!)

Do you think I'm doing the right thing by going back on and doing these 9 days on my own? Or do you think I should do it as an official 'developer' again...?

Me xx
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Hi Anna, If it was me with the dilemma ...............I would go back to developers!!!...........but I would use the weeks supply first to save a bit of money!!! so it combines saving a weeks LL money and you get the support you need (if your LLC is a good one!!)
I'm so excited for you going to Argentina but sorry that your leaving.........if that makes sense!!
Anyway back to the LL talk........you should easily get to your target in no time at all and leave knowing that you have completed your goal!!.....and that will be a great feeling!!!
You inspired me to get started on LL!! back in October 08 ( had to wait 5 weeks to start but hey ho!) So go for it girl you can do it!!!
LOL - can't imagine they allow LL packs in the BB house! Hee hee!

Well done for getting back on it! A couple of women in work have just gone back on it for a week and one lost 8lb, so it can definitely be done. You are such a star that you'll be at your goal weight in no time! And only putting on 2lb (you might as well say you didn't put any on seeing as though you've been weight training too) is absolutely fab and makes me feel like I'm going to control my weight at last!

Well done Anna and it's lovely to see you post again.


Guess who's back...?
Hey girls! Thanks for your replies...

I will do week one and see how I get on. To be honest, it was Developers that killed it a bit for me - I missed my group too much and found it really unsettling all the new faces and things... so will try and do it alone and maybe speak to my LLC about getting packs for a week or two more. I'll see what she says.

Unfortunately, I'm restricted with time, and therefore won't have time to do the RTM before I go away anyway - so hopefully she'll let me play 'ad hoc' for a bit, then maybe (if needed) have a four week stint when I get back then do RTM properly. I'll see what she says.

Wish me luck! My fridge etc is FULL of f**d - I've been putting this off because 'I should really eat this first' etc etc... but bugger it, most of it will keep. I AM MORE IMPORTANT THAN ABOUT £60 IN LOST PRODUCE!

See you tomorrow, when I'll officially be a LLer again - no matter how briefly, lol :)

A xx
hi anna
welcome back to the world of shakes!
i'm sure you will reach your target in no time at all

(would be good to see the LL shakes appear on the BB shopping list board each week - it would be fine to be on it in there - good publicity and you would be properly fed and not hungry like the contestants get

oh! forgot its argentina you are off to not the BB house , silly me ;-)

daisy x
Well done for being brave and coming back.. sure that 9lb will come off in no time at all! :D


Guess who's back...?
Fingers crossed! My packs are running around the lounge doing a few fitness circuits, they mean business (I can tell)...

Come on packs, don't let me down, haha xx
welcome back to our lovely liquid world Anna! :)
I'm sure you can drop that 9lbs in no time at all, and be on your way to "Argentina" as the slimmest you yet ;)

PS Woohoo!! Anna's back! :D :D *does a little dance* :D :D


Guess who's back...?
Here I am! Nice to be home... I feel really naughty sneaking away from my new low carb friends on 'the other side'... I best be off to go and explain my bad self... lol. Back later alligators! :D


Fighting Demons....
Well Anna, that's one way to get rid of those old packs in a very contructive way!!

Hope all goes to plan for you!!

B x

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