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take a ride on the wildside


I've rejoined slimming world groups 3 or 4 times each time losing a few pounds then not going again.. the group would be off for one reason or the other (holiday, venue not available, nobody to mind the kids..etc) and I'd stop going ..
I've put on a stone and a half in 18 months.. during that time I'd do several stances of grain free/primal.. calorie counting.. slimming world.. all lasting less than a week..often less than a day even!

Also, i've not been goimg out just sitting indoors eating...
I feel very sad that i've gained more weigt..my size 16 clothes are tight...i've gone up from size 14 (my smallest *sigh*)...
i plan on getting rid of big clothes with every stone i lose..
i look back and i think what made me gain;
1) lack of exercize...staying indoors on the sofa for days
2) eating too much bread, chocolate, beer..
3) keeping clothes bigger than my size.. when i was 14 i bought a size 16 skirt without trying it in the shop..got home tried it on and it just fell off me! I kept it.. and within 6 months Its snug on me!!!!!!!
4) sounds simple but drink more water... I reckon I eat a lot when I'm thirsty..

I have a holiday coming up in 7 weeks.. and I'd really like to lose as much weight as possible for it..!!

action plan:
1) be active for an hour daily be it walking to shops, exercize indoors or anything that gets my heart rate up
2) drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day
3) always have plenty of slimming world food around

Please guys, leave me any advice or feedback you might have... thank you!!
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Hi wildside - it sounds like you know exactly why you've put on weight and that's a great start! Your action plan sounds very sensible too. If you've got 7 weeks to your hols, why not set a target loss for then - something like 1st would be good - that's a steady 2lb a week. I find it really helps me to have something to aim for, so I set little targets along the way - some of them achievable within a very short timescale, so that I don't lose motivation and fall off the wagon!

Good luck for your journey. x


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Hi, as Spanx says, you've passed the first hurdle by recognising your self what you want to change, why and how.
I'm currently giving my self a big kick to get motivated again, when I joined SW in Jan 12 I was at my heaviest, I lost 2.5 St in 6 months, but have just wobled up & down on my weight since then. I've picked up my exercise level, which is had with this long cold winter, and I think that is vital for anyone, even if you just do short sessions, ie walk to local shop, get off bus a stop early, it will all help.
At our group last night as well one of the guys that goes said he has increased his loss this week by swapping his diet fizzy pop for water with lemon juice in. Use it to flavour in stead of squash. Worth a try! He has also looked into the "science" and you won't loose weight apparently if you are not hydrated, so off to refill my glass now!



Spanx wow you lost so much weight!! I would love to lose a bit for the holiday! I will set myself a smaller target, thanks for the tips xx

Barmey cat thanks a good tip actually thanks for reminding.. i used to love a slice of lemon in my water but for some reason stopped..i shall do that again.. well done on the weight loss and for upping the exercize xx


first day
b: 2 slices hovis granary bread (oops not healthy extra b :( 8 syns)1 tsp marmalade (1 syn)1 tsp marmite coffee with 100ml almond milk (healthy extra a)
s: banana
l: couscous, mixed beans, salad, sweetcorn, sardines in tomato sauce
s: kiwi , orange, cup of tea with 100 almond milk, 2 handfuls frozen blueberries 1 slice hovis 400g (half a healthy b) 1tsp reduced fat tesco hummus (1 syn)
d: pasta with passata, courgette, mushroom and carrots and salad

water: 2 lts
exercise: 20 min cycle, walked 20 mins


First day went well I had my other half of healthy extra b in the evening
I was looking at some before nd after pics and it was amazing seeing how some people looked sooooo much younger after losing the weight..
i saw a girl who was 18..in her before pic she looked like a woman in her 40's!! maybe it was a bad picture but still..
and in her after pic she looked her age..a 19 years old girl!!
I dress older than my age and feel frumpy around girls my age.. they're all in crop tops, skinny jeans and short skirts...i look forward being a size 10 and dressing my age!


b: 1 kiwi 1/4 apple chopped and mixed with fat free yogurt
s: 1 hard boiled egg with 2 small slices brown bread (heb) cup of coffee with almond milk (100ml), few grapes, cherry tomatoes, bit of marmite
l: jacket potato, baked beans and salad with balsamic dressing. 15g lacto free cheese (2.5 syns) cup of tea with lacto free milk (70ml), few grapes
s: hightlights drink (2syns) an apple a small orange 5 squares 70% dark chocolate green and black (5syns)
d: chicken casserole with rice (0.5 syn for bouillon used in casserole)

exercise: 20 min bike, 10 min arms and legs work out. haven't been out (not good!)
drank over 2 litres.
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second day went well. i feel happy when i wake up because then i know i've been 100% the day before.

b: 1 banana, 1 dark choc square (1 syn), 1 tsp peanut butter (2.5 syns) milk in tea and coffee, 2 slices bread, 1 boiled egg
l: chicken casserole, butternut squash soup
s: orange, mini cheddars original (6.5 syns)* cup of tea, banana, pears
d: potato omelette and salad, a kiwi, black coffee
then oh dear i had 2 small slices of wholemeal bread and 1 tbsp ketchup (7 syns) taking me to a total of 23.5!!!!!!! :(

* damn mini cheddar originals they put the calories per half a pack!! so that set me back 13 syns not 6.5 grrrr plus 3.5 fromearlier totalling 16.5 syns :(

went for a 20mins walk lifting toddler a lot :p so thats a bit of heavy lifting
cycling 20 mins
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normally when i go over my syns i tell myself im not having any the next day. when that proves difficult i "cheat", dispair and decide to restart tomorrow.
so I've decided to be a bit more forgiving and go for 5 syns today, tomorrow and 6.5 on sunday.
to make up for the 13.5 syns that ive gone over.
I also need to double check calories/syns for grams given..

s: a banana, coffee with 100ml ss milk, an apple
b: onion, mushroom and tomatoes with baked beans, marmite 2 small wholemeal slices, cup of tea with 50ml milk
l: leftover butternut squash soup, wholemeal spaghetti with passata, peas, salad and tuna in spring water
s: 5 squares of green and black 70% dark choc (5 syns) and tea with 50ml milk, banana, pears, grape, 5g stilton (2 syns)
d: lunch leftovers
then I had a binge :(
I ate 5 slices of wholemeal bread , the small kind with about 45g of cheddar and stilton cheese
then had 8 more squares of dark choc and 1 and a half pint of stella
aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh :(

good points: drank lots of water brisk walk 40mins, 10 mins cycling, 1hr30 shopping
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I had hidden the scales to avoid daily weigh ins but I have sneaked a look this morning following the regrettable binge. I'm pleased that I weigh less but will only record my weightloss on my weigh in day. It was very naughty of me....
drinking lots of water today, already over 2 litrs of pure h2o

b: 2 wheatbiscuits and 100ml semi skimmed milk, 60ml ss milk in tea, pear, half banana
l: bit of couscous, last nights fish chowder (rest allowance of milk) highlights drink (2syns)
s: 1 slice wholemeal tesco bread (4 syns), marmite, tea

tonight could be a potential danger zone as other half will be having drinks tonight...must think about drink alternatves since ive already used 6 syns..


so dinner went well on saturday and i stayed within my 10 syns not 5 alas!
on sunday i didn't follow slimming world. I was busy cleaning and running errands it was easier to just grab a sandwich out.
I had some wine as well in the evening..................
walked and done lots of activities.

today doing well so far.
b: 2 ryvitas) medium tesco everyday value wholemeal bread (b+2 syns) with cottage cheese, cucumber, grapes and marmite. coffee with unsweetend almond milk
s: banana, apple 3 fish fingers (6 syns)
l: wholewheat pasta with carrots, broccoli and salad, cottage cheese, mackrel in tomato sauce
s:bit of orange ice lolly
d: homemade chicken curry n rice

im amazed i did well! no alcohol, well done me!

will have chicken and potato curry with rice for dinner
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I find its usually 2 days after a binge the damage shows. But I have been known to have a day off plan and still lost, so even with a binge all is not lost :) Last weekend I was off plan for 3 days, but lost at weight in. I had a mini binge today, and my WI tomorrow, i am HOPING it sticks to its usually 48 hour routine this time haha


Hey Ally thanks for popping by!
Thankfully, I've lost in my first WI but it's about a pound less than what I weighed when I took that cheeky weigh in. I'm very pleased, though! so you're probably right about this 48hr thing!
Hope you have a loss this week x


Very happy with my weightloss.
There is a quiet voice in my head that I can barely just hear saying that it's just water weight and I couldn't have really lost this much.
The rational voice in my head says that everyone loses some water weight and I didn't do too badly.

I think it's probably because I don't really tend to feel proud of my achievements/successes..like I dont deserve them. Maybe I'm too hard on myself. Or maybe I'm right..

Either way, at next weigh in I hope to believe it more..I've been hovering on 12st7 for a while.. so to go under will be more convincing for me (I hope!)


b: 35g porridge made with unsweetend almond milk (200ml), chopped 1/4 apple, 5g pumpkin seeds (2 syns), banana and more almond milk in coffee


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Hey Ally thanks for popping by!
Thankfully, I've lost in my first WI but it's about a pound less than what I weighed when I took that cheeky weigh in. I'm very pleased, though! so you're probably right about this 48hr thing!
Hope you have a loss this week x

A loss is a loss even if its slightly less than you expected :) I did have a loss so all is good, thankfully my 48hr theory seems to be holding true!


I've been good the past 2 days, used full 10 syns. walked more than biked.
When I write my menu down I feel restricted and its hard to keep logging in everytime i update what i ate so... (and as its a weight loss diary rather than a food one) I probably won't put up my menu unless i had something particularly nice or nasty.

doing my first green day today because i have been using my syns for extra bread.. and i fancied some dried prunes (yum!)

there is a bit of stress in my personal life at the moment and i hope i continue to stay strong. sometimes its just so tempting to have some alcohol or eat whatever to unwind.
I research my travel destination to keep me motivated.. :) 5 weeks to go yaay!


Mixture of good days and bad days.
I would start well but by afternoon when DH comes around with my favourite ready salted crisps or offers me a stack of freshly toasted thickly buttered fruitbread I bail out.
The thing is, I could've fitted those around my syns had I planned for them..but it's this idea of forbidden food therefor if I'm going to have some I must have it all and then some.
I have about a month before my holiday .. accepted that I won't lose a dress size so ordered in my size 16 :( BUT at least they will fit and I will have something to wear.
I feel my ugliest and fatest at summer. I just hope I stick to it for the next few weeks so I don't feel this awful on holiday and ruine it for my family.


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You can do it :)


Had a loss. amazig how quick my motivation fades..
just keep restarting. my knee is starting to hurt too..my weight cant be helping.