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Take control now...

or accept I need some kind of mental health help for my issues with food or accept I will remain fat.

I feel fat, a failure and thoroughly depressed. I am out of control when it comes to food and I am in a vicious circle of binge and comfort eating

So my last attempt at CWP. My first goal is to successfully complete a full day 1 on SS. I have come so close over past few days only to cave into food because I felt I was missing out!! How stupid am I??!
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You might find it easier to start on a higher plan. One that includes some food and veg but only protein/low carb. Sometimes going straight from bingeing to SS is just too hard. Too extreme.

You should try Atkins for a while, to get you into ketosis and get rid of those terrible cravings. When you don't crave any more, you don't binge. You don't need to. Or, if you don't fancy Atkins, try the following...

There is a way of working down the Cambridge steps that has helped tons of dieters. You start on the highest plan, stick to that for a day or two (or even three!), then move down one step, and do the same, again. Within a week or two you will be doing SS and if you try 810, say, or even SS+, and you can stick to one of those, there's no reason why you shouldn't lose all your weight on that step.

Good luck hun and please keep posting x
Hi GG, thanks for your post. I didn't manage to complete Day 1 since my post, however, today is Day 1 on SS+ and I am feeling I can complete this now. I think you are right that I need a higher plan to start off with otherwise it is just a vicious cycle of bingeing and restarting only to fail completing a SS day.

I'm also trying to keep active and distracted this evening because I seem to cave into the binges in the evening - even when I am not hungry. It is that feeling of "I am missing out it is so unfair routine" then a binge.
I AM SO ANGRY at myself!!! Despite the higher plan I ended up off plan. It wasn't a complete binge as I have been having recently but is was nevertheless off plan and I could have had chosen more healthily.

Ok, the sun is shining, it's a new day and I can do this. I have done it before, I have the demonstrated I have will power and I am in control of this cycle of eating and bingeing.

I WILL get through day 1 THIS TIME!! Water, water, and distraction!
Kira - I hope you are doing ok, I've been through the same cycle too many times to remember, you will get there!

I've written a list this time which covers all of the reasons not to cheat, including the feeling of failure each time i fall off the wagon, the need to address my god awful issues with food and alcohol (I like a drink perhaps a bit too much at weekends) and also the cost of keep bouncing on and off of this diet!

Let me know how you are doing.

This is tough Kira, so don't beat yourself up.

If you really really MUST eat off-plan, then stick to protein. Don't cheat or binge on carbs. If you nibble only on protein - fish, chicken, ham, say - you will not affect your ketosis. Once you are properly and truly in ketosis the cravings and hunger will lessen or even disappear entirely.

Getting into ketosis is what makes low-carbing and VLCD-ing such a joy. But first you have to get into that ketosis! And stay there lol.

Keep on trying, keep on going. The only 'failure' is when you give up completely. You WON'T fail if you keep at it x
Hi Poppy, GG, thanks for posting. I have tried over past week to stick to a sensible eating plan and today I almost through SSing Day 1. So, I will try CWP for the very last time as the money I am wasting .......don't even want to think about it!

I have managed some exercise too (did it last time on SS and felt fine provided I planned my packs either before or after exercise). I am hoping if I get through today I will break this vicious cycle. Just one day under my belt and to see the scale lower tomorrow morning (habit of daily weighing on CWP really helped last time).

Hope you have had a good day today. Thanks for posting. Kira
You could always give the 1000 plan a go - two packs a day plus food and even a bit of fruit! There is no law that says people HAVE to do SS or SS+, even. The point is to find a plan that works for you as an individual.

Keeping your daily carb intake low will be a great help, believe me. Just don't give up!
I completed day 1!! Yeah! So Day 2 today and I am going to take the approach you suggest should I feel I need food. As you said, there is no law that says we have to to SS or SS+ but of course "I" need to get in my head that I have to control what I put in my mouth and make informed sensible decisions about what I eat. So I am going to try and work on the head thing - again! I feel so much better I have completed 1 day which shows I was in control yesterday and I can be again today.
I just need to keep this up!
Almost had a weak moment when I got home from picking kids up from school around 4.30 so I kept myself busy busy busy! And what I thoughts was hunger/food craving feeling just disappeared! My aim was to get to 6pm before I had second CD pack and I managed it! So supping my fav oriental chilli soup! (I know not everyone likes the soups but I have to say I love this one!)

So, I think I can get through until I have my porridge around 8.30 which is again when I feel or think I am hungry. I think that could just be a habit? Anyway, I think having mechanisms to get me through those moments of wavering is what I need to work on.
Poppy, sorry meant on post you reply! I have managed to reach day 3 on my zillionth attempt to break the vicious cycle and early to bed for me in order to avoid temptation. Having said that I appear to in ketosis, well ketostix colour was pink and oddly enough I didn't feel hungry this evening I had o have shake because I need to nutrients! Alas I know only too well this feeling won't last and there is still a long log ahead! How are you doing?
At last! I have managed three complete days of sole source! I am now on day 4 in ketosis and feel that much more in control. However, I know this won't get easier and I will have difficult days when that 'hunger' or deprivation feeling hits and I need to brace myself for that.

I feel so much better about myself that I have got some willpower or control in order to complete cd successfully. So one day at a time.
Wow! I have managed to get to Day 4! Not quite complete but not long to go and I am sure I can stick to until my last CD pack in an hour or so. Not actually feeling hungry but the habit of eating something of having wine 'feeling' is there... that feeling that I should be nibbling or having a drink because it is Saturday night.

My jeans already feel looser and more comfortable not cutting me in half. I don't have to breathe in or lie on the bed to do them up! Amazing! all in almost 4 days! Would love to break the 10 stone barrier on my first week weigh in on Wednesday.
I have reached Day! How did I manage to get this far and break the vicious cycle of starting and by evening ruining the whole day's SS effort I' d put in? I have kept busy busy and only stopped when time for CD pack and of course drinking water and on computer/minis for a rest! I have also gone to bed (last night 8.20 to avoid temptation). It seems to be working. Shopping I have found is a massive distration and I could walk around not feeling the need for food at all.

Very pleased with myself but very conscious I could blow the completed 4 days away if I don't take care. I so want these days to turn into weeks and I am going to try very very hard.
Keep going Kira - well done so far, you can do this matey x
Was doing so well! Had hectic couple of days hence no posts. Had blip yesterday in that I had food and not striclty SS but I did try and be sensible and didn't binge! So back on track today day 7.

It is a shame I was so close to completing a full week but I'm in control. I am not going to do what I have done in the past and let this blip be a licence to eat for the world! That is what I ususally do! Jeans still feel looser and comfortable so I shall get right back on track.

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