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** Take-it -a -day -at -a -time Thurday**

Good morning lovely Cders :D
Thought I would start the thread ... I am guessing most of us get through this by taking it aq day at a time and its good to remind yourslef to not stress about the long term but concentrate on today .. so take it a day at a time thursday is what it is today :D

I have nothing at all planned today except chilling , maybe a film or 2 if there is anything good on sky .. and lots of facebook and minimins ( and house work too ....) and its thurday so the day all my trashy real life magasines come out so we will walk to the shop soon and get them :)

My hubby has just gone off to Ireland till tomorrow afternoon for work .. i am very jealous as i have never been and always wanted to ... :( and I guess i will miss him a bit too , although a night in my own in my lovely king sized sleigh bed with my cat pusses and no trumping or snoring will be nice !!!!

Hope everyone else has a fab day xxxx
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Excellent thread Katie, I have finally learnt to take it a day at a time, otherwise blip days can easily become blip weeks, unmet targets can become self-esteem lowering failures and blips can also lead us to beat ourselves up and then comfort eat and hey presto before you know it huge weight gain and no motivation.
Also our bodies are different every day, the amount we lose and our physical needs. Emotionally we are tested in many ways, so stressing out about a huge weight loss target(in my experience can add to it).

Last time round if I blipped big disaster, whereas I am taking it a day at a time now,will be a more scenic route,but maybe more true to life. As I said in a post earlier this week, we have only failed when we stop trying(think Sumayyah is my original source for this quote) and I completely agree.
When I was blipping a lot in June 2010 I completely gave up, thought I was wasting my money,but turns out I was much happier when not losing, but maintaining with my good/bad mix of days in a week, it was not a waste of money ,because once I completely gave up was spending a fortune on fat food and had to buy loads of new big clothes,and the new ones I had bought early 2010 are still in a bin bag in the spare room.
Enjoy a lovely sleep Katie, Mr T not been away overnight for 2 weeks now (which is rare), think a night away would do us good.....nice to miss him! x


please try again
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morning ladies, hope todays a good one for everyone

been unwell the last 2 days but hoping todays a better one. had weigh in, down 6lb. its a start

were watching movies here ( and im having a sneaky look around minimins ) i rented a pile of new movies, i normally wait till dvds are reduced to £7 or less but in reality we only watch em once so thought i should just rent em


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There is a nasty bug going round at the moment - might be that and not the diet. I feel a bit lightheaded if I do too much bending over - so demolishing kitchen walls and sawing cupboards apart really wasn't the best plan for today!

Can't believe I have been outside mowing the grass - done less than 1/4 of it but it still took nearly 1 1/2 hours (big garden - well more like a field!). Same area last year left me sweating like mad and to tired to move - same area this yea - no problems, back inside and carrying on demolishing the kitchen/moving furniture etc. Last year I blamed it on mowing up and down a hill - now I realise it was my weight...oops!

Where has 1/2 term gone - had so much to do at the beginning of the week - and still do...

Hope everyone else is having a good day
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Has anyone experienced dizziness or feeling very faint after being on the diet for over a month?

I feel really faint and dizzy, had a shake and soup and over a litre of water already. Ergh whats this all about ?!?!
Could very well be low blood pressure, its a side effect of the diet, your body doesn't like sudden movements in ketosis lol

I get them from time to time if i bend down and get up too quick.

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