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Taking back control!!!

I've decided that I've messed about enough now, and it's time to get back on
track and start eating healthy, tasty food again.

After reading some of the other excellent food diaries on here, I've decided to give it a go, starting from NOW!

So, today's diary...

B - Raspberries, with a pot of activia low fa vanilla yogurt, and 28g of Musili (HEx B)

L - Jacket potato with VFF natural yogurt and a few spoons of tonights chilli, and a lovely big salad made with a 2 tbsp of VFF Balsamic & smoked garlic dressing (1 syn), with a low fat sainsburys chargrilled burger (2.5 syns) with 42g reduced fat grated cheese on the top (HEx A)

D - Chilli made with extra lean beef mince, onions, 2 peppers, courgette, green beans, cabbage, chopped tomatoes, 2 oxo cubes, and lots of spices, served with a side salad and a few spoons of rice.

Snacks - lovely yellow plums, apples and activia fat free yogurt, choc scan bran cake (2 scan bran 1, an egg, 2 teaspoons cocoa 1, tbsp golden syrup 2)
Mini Milk Lolly 1.5

Total syns today = 9
Total syns for week = 9
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Looks liek a good start to me :D Think I will follow suit and start an online food diary next week. I was keeping paper ones, but seem to have stopped that in the last week.
I always find if I do not write down what I am having - I do not realise I am not having my HEBs and enough SF! For some reason need to see it in front of me!
Fantastic first day diary Hun..just remember to update it as often as you can to keep you on the straight and narrow!

Thanks - actually need to update it a little now!! lol
Been to Asda for more fruit -got lots of reduced stuff (plums / lychees / clementines / pinapple) and some bananas. Also bought eggs and some chicken drumsticks for snacking / lunches.

I am SO enjoying being back on plan!!!
I've got a pan on the go with soup for lunch (a small butternut squash, a potato, onion, garlic, frozen spinach and cauiflower), and enjoyed my healthy breakfast when I got up. I resisted the temptation to add sweetener, as I think it was my sweet tooth that got me where I am, so a bit of weaning off is in order!
Tonight we will, as usual for a weekend night, be going to the pub. I would like to stay off the alcohol, but think it's going to be extremely difficult! I haven't bought diet coke (or any fizzy drinks) for in the house for a while, so maybe there will be some novelty in having diet coke, but somehow I doubt it. Slimline tonic with a wedge of lime is okay, but ALL evening??!! Hmmmm. Oh well, we'll see.

It's back to school on Monday, so am full of the usual feelings of dread and dismay. I still have Literacy, Numeracy and Science to plan, but keep telling myself that that's only a normal weekends work, and am doing a fine job at procrastinating, what with Facebook, Ebay and Minimins! Oh, and making soup of course!!

B - Raspberries, with a pot of activia low fa vanilla yogurt, and 28g of Musili (HEx B)

L - Homemade soup (butternut / cauliflower / potato / spinach / onion / garlic / spices). Jacket potato with 42g reduced fat grated cheese on the top (HEx A), and VFF Asda red pepper & sweet chilli Cottage Cheese.

D - Stir Fry made with a large pack of stir fry veg, 1 pack of lean beef stir-fry strips, fine egg noodles (dried ones made up in veg stock), 2 oxo cubes, garlic, dark soy sauce and cajun spice. (I will have some before I go out, and the rest after the pub).

Snacks - lovely purple plums, apple and activia fat free yogurt, grapes, clementine, fresh pinapple. Chicken drumsticks
It is quite likely that I will succumb to the call of the alcohol. BUT will have a max of four 25ml measures only!!! This means that the Geldart is either out of bounds, or a soft-drink zone. LIVE WITH IT!
Syns = 10 (Whisky or gin x four 25 ml shots)
Plus 7.5 syns for another three whiskys! Bloody useless! Oh well, only 2.5 over my 15 syn daily max I suppose. Still a bit disappointed with myself though.

Total syns today = 17.5
Total syns for week = 26.5

PS: This was written at 11:09hrs. I want to see if I can, just for once, stick to a plan! And editing needed will be done in purple!

Oooo - not doing bad (at 18:50hrs)
Bloody crap!!! (next morning)
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Another EE day. (Easy my arse, when it comes to going out and sticking within alcohol syns!)

B - raspberries with fat free vanilla activia and choc fudge Apen light chopped up and sprinkled on top (will have other one as snack) HExB

Snack - other alpen light, grapes, plum, apple

Lunch - Leftover soup from yesterday

Snack - Fat free Activia Yogurt / Apple / Clem

D - Jacket Pot with cottage cheese, salad and turkey steak. 42g reduced fat grated cheese on the top (HEx A)

After Pub - Left over salad and turkey from dinner

Eve Drinks - TRY TO STAY WITHIN TARGE OF 15 SYNS (6 whisky & diet cokes!) Maybe gin and slimline tonic would be better as tastes more like alcohol and can slip onto just slimline tonic without Paul and Alec noticing and accusing me of being miserable?! Worth a thought. Hmmm.

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