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taking one day at a time

I can only think in days!!! if I think about the months ahead I would give up, so for me one day at a time is perfect!! In fact my friend invited me round for bonfire night saying that she would do lots of food and asked if I would be eating by then!!! I had to think, of course i'll still be on it but ive never thought that far ahead!!!x


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well i have a few things when i started i told myself i wud be eating for the rest of my life wats a few months. I never look ahead more than 1 week i dont say for defo im gonna do it next week but i always do. i always count down the days to my next weigh in after the weekend(my weigh in is on wed). and i keep telling myself that its worth it coz it is. Ive had some very hard days but i cant quit wats the use in doing the last 5 weeks. that's wat i think mostly now. how can i waste the last few weeks so i can eat food which is only gonna make me feel good for a few minutes. That's how i get threw even wen im weak hungry and pissed, i remind myself dat its not forever and it WILL help me in the future. I hope this helps but i suppose its different for everyone.
I agree with anne-marie, I'll eat forever, for me, this is about shifting the weight quickly in order to start a healthy new me. I don't think about it a day at a time, instead i've thought ah well i can eat in december. This is my 3rd week and i've sat through people eating all my favourite food and felt quite strong because i know that the pounds are coming off and starting to get compliments, which is much better than having that slice of pizza and feeling guilty. This is my life for a few months which i totally accept. To be honest I feel really happy which sounds bizarre as it would be some peoples worst nightmares!!! Also I look forward to weigh ins, it keeps you going and makes you feel really postive. I come on this site everyday and I'm simply amazed by people and what they've achieved. Good luck with it, you will do well, and remember its only a short period of your life for such fantastic gains x


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i don't tend to think about it tbh.
i just look forward to my weigh in.
it's 'normal' for me to only have shakes now.
maybe after a few weeks,you will feel the same x
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I agree with tafflass when i'm 100% in the right mind set (had blip last 3 weeks) i look ahead to each weigh in i guess for me knowing that there will be a loss every week however much it is gives me a great buzz and sets me up for the following week. i never thought i'd last two days but into week 11 already the time has flewn by.....
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i am the same now just look at weigh in to weight in much easier and after a few weeks you just get used to only having the shakes food does not bother me now which is good:D just think whats a few months to get healthy and happy i found the first two weeks the worst but after that its easy:D
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thanks for your posts guys, i totaLLY agree...i just need to get this weight off so i can get on and enjoy my life asap x
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yeah, that`s exactly how I feel, let`s get this weight thing done and out of the way in as quick a time as possible! But am feeling sooo hungry! Will keep drinking the water!!
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Hey Slimmer-

I think that at first you really have to take it one day at a time. For the first fortnight all I could think about was how hungry and deprived I felt!!! All I wanted to do was go to bed early each night so I wouldn't be thinking about food!!! Then, as the weight started shifting it just got easier. I can't offer any miracle solutions- only that I keep in mind where I want to be...and that LT is the way I can achieve this. You do get to the point where you start feeling happy that you can say 'no' to your favourite foods. I also tell myself that it won't be forever. The tasty treats will still be there when I get to the weight I want to be I can enjoy it again, but LT gives you the time to think about your eating habits and makes you realise that often when you're wanting food it's for a dozen other reasons than being genuinely hungry.

In a few weeks you will think in terms of long-term and even though you still take every day as it comes it gets easier. I promise!!

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I don't really think about it, at this point (months in) it's just my lifestyle & I don't really consider food in the same way I did when I was eating. That said, when I started, it was definitely a matter of getting to the end of the day without eating. I was aiming for three weeks, as that seems to be the turning point (from previous attempts at TFR) where it feels like I'm actually going to manage to carry on with it.

At the beginning it's definitely good to just look at it day by day & be proud that you've made it that far!! :)


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