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Taking SW to the extreme

Just wanted to share how far weight loss can go if you're not careful. I started SW classes 8 years ago and went easily from size 18 to size 8/10. I was very happy and confident but became so addicted to losing weight that it never really stopped.
I started by cutting syns...then carbs so no green days...then protein so no red days. I was simply surviving on free food and I am now at my lowest weight of 6st (BMI 16.5) and have been diagnosed with an eating disorder.
I am still following SW obsessively (well my variation of it) and will only eat SW free foods and HE's.
I guess I just wanted to raise a bit of awareness that sometimes losing weight can literally become addictive, and cause real harm.
Don't get me wrong, I think SW is a fantastic weight loss management tool and I take full responsibility for my disorder. I am not saying the concept of SW made it happen, not at all. I am in fact still the biggest advocate for SW and had I not gone to this extreme, I would seriously be looking into becoming a consultant.
Just wanted to share. Thanks for reading.
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Thanks for being really brave and admitting you have an eating disorder - I hope you are getting the help and support you need & deserve to be able to beat it!

For me, as someone who's had an ED in the past (got treatment and recovered) sw is perfect as it teaches / shows you how to eat healthily and still have few treats. Yes poss slow weight loss than other diets but for me SW is now a lifestyle choice not a diet x
I agree, I know I will always follow SW because it is a lifestyle. I just aim to get back to the point that I'm not so restrictive.
I am attending a clinic now, I'm 8 weeks in so still early days but I'll get there :eek:
Well done for coming out the other side yourself, I can really understand what you must've gone through. It helps me see light at the end of the tunnel.
Good luck Lea, you will get there, very brave of you to talk about what happened to you x :)
Good luck Lea, you were able to conquor your overeating so you will be able to do this too. xx

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