Taking the bull by the horns


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And going back to class tomorrow. Bee ages since I've been and thought I could do it on my own but I can't. I've tried calorie countig but it leaves me so hungry. Stupid thing is I know the plan works when I stick to it I just don't seem to be able to keep it up for long periods of time. This time I aim to lose a 1lb a week so I don't look as 1lb lost as a failure.

Wish me luck going back as I feel a bit of a plank going back for the umpteenth time.
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hiyer, well done for getting back on track, and good luck for class:D


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Good luck with going back to SW and I think you have the right attitude salsaqueen...every pound off brings you a step nearer to goal.


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Good luck when you rejoin your class. I rejoined my class aswell, which was the same leader as last time. I was nervous going back, as if im honest i didnt tell her i was leaving the first time round. I thought she would be upset with me, but when january came this year i received a letter in the post (as you do) which said come back to class, see whats happening and so on. So i did it, and havnt looked back since. Quite a few new faces, and still some old at the class..and my leader couldnt be more supportive. She knows im studying aswell as working so cannot attend the meeting every week. Which is good.

Good luck and welcome back :)