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Tale of Two Brains

Good one!lol Thanks for posting - now I've got summat to throw at my O.H when he's acting like a prat! - It must be coming from his "nothing" box!lol


Gone fishing
love it KD!! and so true, but i think my OH is exceptional! he has at least 3 or 4 'nothing' boxes!
Same here:rolleyes: I ask him what he's thinking and he says "Nothing". So I practice....it must be so relaxing.

I sit there and I make sure I'm not thinking about work. I make sure that I don't think about the shopping. As my mind wanders past Asda aisles, I make sure it doesn't go down the aisles that I will need. I make sure it goes down the pet food aisles. I wonder if 8 out of 10 cats prefer whiskers.:confused:
No. I must not wonder anything. So my mind moves on. Think about nothing. An empty blackboard will do. Why is that child drawing on my blackboard, and will I recognise the picture so I can congratulate them on such a lovely 'x'.

When I've finished there, I start wondering if he really is thinking about nothing. Then I doubt it. Bet he's thinking about whether I'm managing to think about nothing.

Then I give up :D


Talks too much
same here KD! although i find a good way of helpin me to sleep is thinking of a blank white wall, suppose thats close to thinking about nothing....

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