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Talk to me about soup!!!

I am mega motivated by that documentary last night! LOL!

I usually make my own soups, but today I've not brought any lunch with me to work, and want to have a nice filling soup. :D

What soups are low/no syn from the supermarkets? And are any of them a HE? I think I saw in a mag that a few are?

Appreciate some steering in the right direction!


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Finding inspiration
I think there are some of the Baxters Healthy Choice soups that can be used as Hex's. If you don't mind eating tinned soup... I'm not sure about the fresh ones.

TBH - they're that easy to make and freeze back in portions, that if you really wanted to have healthy soups every day, it'd be worth looking through the magazines as there are lots of recipes there and doing your own. My favourite from a couple magazines ago is the spicy lentil and carrot soup. It's fab.

Or just be inventive... most vegetables will make a tasty soup. You could even buy one of those stew packs if you were feeling lazy... they have a good basis for a nice vegetable soup... add a bit of stock (I believe Vecon/Bovril are free) simmer til the veg is cooked and blitz them. Mmmm...
Cheers Minders! Baxters. Will have a look on the site.

Don't usually eat tinned ones, do usually make my own and freeze, but didn't have anything in stock today to bring with me, so just wanted some ideas.

I like butternut squash in home made ones...makes such a nice, creamy consistency. Yum!
Did you see when they were blending the meal into soup?? I was nearly sick! But then when it was actually soup and they were eating it, it actually looked nice! x


Finding inspiration
With summer on the way, look out for good deals on fresh tomatoes. I have a recipe for fresh tomato soup (not a thick creamy one) that has fresh herbs in it and it is divine. I'll dig out the recipe and post a SW friendly version.


Starting Again!
This is about the 4th thread I've read relating to the documentary last night, I think it should of been called "Why Slimming World Works!"

Just a quick word of warning- be careful what you blend to make soup, with veg its not too much of a problem, but you can't do the same with fruit to make a smoothie, because it will have syns in it :)

My Mum makes a cracking soup, potatos, leeks, carrots, bacon, a bacon stock cube, wack it all together leave it to boil until everything is cooked and blend - it's delicious and doesn't last long in my house!!

Natt xxx
yey for soup - this is how I was losing weight at the beginning of the year but ended up gaining when I went away to see friends 2 weekends in a row. The moral to that being - yes eat soup plan it in but don't count on just that (it is hard to eat soup when your at some one elses house!)


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I've just watched the programme on BBC Iplayer, it is really good.

I have been having a 265g can of WW Chicken Noodle soup, it's 2½ syns per can.


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For my new friend- here are the HEX B soups:

Whole cans
415 can Baxters healthy choice minestrone whith wholemeal pasta
400g can Heinz spring veg
400g can Heinz winter vegetable broth
295g can Weight Watchers country veg soup

Potions only:(Beware- NOT THE WHOLE CAN!!!!!)
300g serving Baxters favourites scotch veg soup
320g serving Baxters healthy choice soup, chicken and veg, Italian bean and pasta, Lentil and vegetable
208g serving Baxters vegetarian soup, carrot and butterbean, Spicy parsnip, tomato and butterbean


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