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Talk to me about 'wii'


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I have decided to dust off my wii and balance board and get on with some exercise. Started tonight with some free step on wii fit but what games/exercises do you use? Is there any games you can recommend that are fun and dont actually make you feel like you're working out?
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I love the bird flapping one! I also really like the skateboarding, it is very tiring. The boxing is good but a bit slow. The cycling is also good.


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Thanks guys. ive never tried the bird one so will have to give it a go. Anything to work those bingo wings!


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I weigh at home so love my wii fit! Zumba is great for the wii, you get a belt in it too, get me sweating and laughing as I look like a baby elephant flailing about!
I love wii step and hula hoop,start off with those, 30 mins a day. Now I've bought wii fit plus really cheap £10 and there's lots more on it,especially unlock able games. I jog now 30 mins daily on my wii,I've unlocked all the cycling challenges too,it gives you a goal,determined to unlock stuff. I've clocked up 50 hours or more since Oct. I hated exercise,I love it telling me daily how many hours I've done. Free step and jogging is good for watching tv whilst doing it.
I've gone on to buy a reebok trampoline now to do Instead or as well.
I would love to help you but as previously reported in the past for me a wii is a visit to the loo !!!


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I have got a few games but i love the EA Sports one. Have just bought the cardio one for the boxing. but i think if you want one that doesnt make it feel like exercising then i would go for either the dance type ones or the wii fit+, which is fun.
I would love to help you but as previously reported in the past for me a wii is a visit to the loo !!!
A break through !!!!!

I have just realised that after getting up 5 times in the night and groping my way down the hall to the loo , my version of wii is working................if 5 visits to the loo "out of hours" doesn't constitute extra, gentle exercise I don't know what does........

It is free, uses no electricity , leaves your daytime hours free, and all you have to do is follow green days for a week and I am sure you will see a big loss lol

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