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Talking about Sw.....


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I love the Sw diet and am thinking about it all the time and enjoy talking about it.....but.....at the same time when people ask me how I've lost my weight and then ask for tips and I know they are not going to use or apply any of it because they are not at the right point to do it and need to join a group or look into it properly it can feel a bit frustrating.
I wondered if anyone else gets this or is it just me being a meanie!?
If I thought I could help anybody then I would of course but most the time I don't think they really mean it and I think maybe because it is something that does mean so much to me that makes it worse to be sharing it and it not be applied as I feel if the people that enquire actually tried it they would reap the benefits too :confused:
I think that because although its easy when you know how it is complicated to explain to people who don't know it is time consuming and also in a way giving away a part of me at the moment.......
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dreamz of moment people ask me how i lost weight ahhhhh... LOL

Just simply say eating more healthy and in correct portions! .... if you don't feel comfortable going into detail just tell them that part, I doubt they'#ll ask any more questions after that as that seems obvious answer :)


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I think it might be worth you thinking about a stock answer for these situations - for example.

'I love SW, it helps me to eat really healthily but at the same time have some treats and lose weight. There's a book you get given that explains it all to you which you get in your first meeting - if you are interested, you could come with me to class, which would be great as I would get a free week so it would help us both out - did you know there is a voucher for free joining at the moment in (woman I think) magazine!'

oh, and yes, it is frustrating ... but you never know ... I went through what you are doing a while ago, and I find out that one lady joined recently, maybe a year after we had talked and she is loving it :)
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That's a really good reply angie!
I get asked a lot too - I've taken time to explain to one person (my mum - who needs to lose weight for health reasons, but is just not at the point to accept it....that's a whole different story and one that upsets me!). I'll use something like this in the future.


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I used to do the carefully thought out answer, but I too am frustrated when asked by people who want to lose weight but I know would not be able to commit to this as it is not a quick-fix.

My stock answer now is:

"How did you lose your weight?"
"I joined SW"
"Oh, is that the one with red and blue days?"
".....Yes, that's the one"
"Oh, where you can't mix bread up with rice or put fruit and veg on the same plate"
"???? er, yes, that's right"
"Oh, I might try that but it does sound a bit hard"
"Yes it is"
"Ok, I think I'll give it a go............. anyway do you want a pasty from Greggs while I'm there?"
"No thanks"

I just can't be bothered explaining, offering information or wasting my time any more!!!!!! lol


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Thanks for your input folks! It sounds like I'm not the only one who feels like this and some good tips of how to deal with it!
I'm visiting family today and expecting this from someone who is very dear to me and really would benefit from SW but its doubtful they would put it into practise!
Cocktail Princess....I know its not really funny but you did make me laugh! :D So .......what can I eat on blue days then? ;)


Will be thin god dammit!!
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Lmao at Cocktailprincess!


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Greggs pasties!!!!
I think I am going to do a week of blue for a nice change

He he he Oh...I think I've done that plan in the past....mixed it with the orange one where you could eat whatever you like.....I lost...hmmm....let me think.....my whole self I think it was :p but thanks to SW I'm finding myself again!
Thanks again CP for making me smile when I was getting fed up about this! xxx


Will be thin god dammit!!
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I used to enjoy the 'transparent day' - As much Vodka as you dare to drink, usually followed by the 'bleeuurrghhh day'

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