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Talking of mashed potato..


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On the rare occasions I do 'real' mash I find it's lovely with a few sprays of buttery frylight,and a good dollop of fromage frais. If you've got a few syns to use, I think you can't beat low fat creme fraiche through it too. Yum!

I also add, depending on mood, schwartz 3 mustard mix, any mixed herbs, and sometimes even an egg.


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I've just had mashed carrot, swede and sweet potato with 3 laughing cow lights in it - yum! If I'm doing a red day I leave out the sweet potato. Turnip makes vegetable mash creamier and that's superfree.
I find that the laughing cow works well with making normal mash smoother too.
I have a new masher now!! Yey!
I use a splash of milk and a few tsp of low fat spread. Sometimes i add cheese or garlic salt.
I have it with gammon and beans, fishfingers, mince and gravy, mmmmmm i'm hungry now lol :D
mmmm sounds yummy


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I was just about to come on here and extol the virtues of Laughing Cow in mash and someone has beaten me to it... OMG :eek: it is gorgeous.. just about to have some with roast duck breast, broccoli, cauliflower and bok choi... I am salivating !!!


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Ooh can I come to yours for tea? That sounds amazing :drool:


Where's Skinny Minnie?
These are the posts people should be reading when they're not sure whether to join. Gotta love SW for guilt free quality food.


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I mix a dollop of Eat Honestly (thats the make beleive it or not) smooth cottage cheese with garlic and herb in my mash, makes it creamy and add a bit of flavour and its free on all plans, get mine from Tescos and they do a natural one too its good for people who don't like lumpy food. xxx


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I make mine with milk from my HE and a tablespoon of low fat marg...It's worth a syn:D

I usually have it with quorn sausages or burgers and peas

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