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Talking of tea......


Step away from the chips!
would anyone like to have a go at describing how green or white tea tastes lol?

Thinking of expanding my tea tastes at the weekend but wondered if someone could give me a heads up on what they're like and/or their personal preferences?

Thanks in advance :)
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Step away from the chips!
Cheers for trying Dancing lol - i know it was a big ask :eek:


now got pictures in album
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Green tea is awful! You might like it but I didnt! I cant explain what it tastes like but it is so gross!!

Pepperment tea, well I havent tried this one so I might give it a go!


Step away from the chips!
*wonders if supermarkets sell little individual bags*

Lillypop ta - have read it tastes "grassy" but never having tried grass myself lol its a bit difficult to imagine ;)


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Green tea is odd, but ok! put a bit of cold water in the mugh, then add the tea bag, then pour over the hot water. I only swish the teabag round a few times, can't stand it strong!
:coffee: Sounds like most of you love the green tea. Not!!!
Maybe I will stick to water for the next year!!!

If anyone finds a nice hot drink that is 100% ok on SS can you let me know!!
savory drink???? what is this please
can you have it in your first 2 weeks?


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You know, it never once occured to me to make water flavourings with hot water? How daft am I??? And I have been dying for a different hot drink for a while now!!!!!

I have savoury drink but havent actually tried it yet. Just imagine it tasting like stock, and that doesnt sound so fun! lol


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festivalfairy ... either SS or SS+ which are you doing? If SS or the SS+ where you add a meal then no milk. How bad is it? All or nothing is our motto
I know had a moment of madness ha ha ha ha had my orange flavouring in water


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I'm not a huge fan of pure green tea though I can take it with a little bit of sweetener.
Love peppermint and also rooibos/redbush tea.
Got rooibos & green tea combination from the supermarket the other day, but unfortunately it tastes more like green than red. Will persevere though!


Step away from the chips!
Thanks for all the input ladies....will have a good browse in the tea aisle tomorrow :D
I know I sound thick but is this redbush different from normal tea? does it taste different?


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Yeah, it's known as rooibos or redbush over here (Tetley have just started selling it) and its a South African leaf tea. Click here if you want to find out more!
It does taste different, but not a particular flavour I could describe, and is naturally caffeine free.
I got hooked when I was working in London, they had some for the Flavia machines and I was trying out any tea I was allowed within CD at that time.
(yay for Wiki)
ok I'll defo give it a try, on a slightly different note My fella and I have just had lunch at starbucks (a black coffee for me!!!!) I put my choc tetra brick into my coffee to make a kind of machiato do you think this is allowed? it made it seem milky but the coffee was so strong you couldn't really taste the choc. it made the black coffee much more palitable but wasn't sure if you were allowed to mix the two?????? what do you think???
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Hi Laura

I regularly use black coffee as the liquid for my toffee & walnut and cappuchino (sp?). I split the pack as well so I can still sit in my fav coffee shop and not cheat. I can't do strong coffee either so it does help lots. I also put in a sweetner tablet.

PS I've also become a bit addicted to redbush - bit of a smoky taste but nowhere near as smoky as Earl Grey.
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ahhhh..... I see (i think!!) so when you say you split the pack do you just add the powder to your coffee or do you mix it with your water first then add to the coffee?
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Bit longwinded but I usually ask for my black coffee in a take-out cup and an empty china mug. I then put half the pack in the empty china cup and pour some of the coffee on top. I have a 'frother' that I use to mix the powder with the coffee and then once all the lumps are out I add the rest of the coffee stirring to mix thourougly.

Needs a bit of practice and patience to get it right but its worth it in the end

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