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Tall lady with a tall question

This point did bother me a few times when on my 1st cd journey, but this time I need an answer because it's really puzzling me that I have to pay more money and consume more calories than my shorter cd buddies.
I know men need more calories than women and that certain groups of people require higher food intake on certain other diets, but I have never been asked to eat more just because I am 5ft9.
I have been allowed more than some other members of ww years ago,but that was related to my bmi-which i get, but not the height thing......I just feel it's a con to sell more products.

Am I wrong to think my height doesn't entitle me to extra calories? I am confused and frustrated at the thought I could save on pounds and calories.

Mrs T X
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It does sound a bit suspect, Ive never come across any weight loss sites that suggest the taller you the more you should eat. Its not like you are exceptionally tall, say 6ft6. Maybe the consultant has it wrong or has been misinformed or has misunderstood. or something.........
Hey there , I've just started doing the CD again but I completed it successfully in 2007 (unfortunately life happened and here I am again but hey!) and I'm 6ft 1.
As someone taller, my old counsellor explained that we needed the extra sachet to ensure we got maximum nutrition. I think you're on the border of whether you need 3 or 4 though as I think the height cut off is 5ft 8?

To be honest, I don't think I'd survive on 3 packs a day!!! I'd trust Cambridge if they say you need an extra pack a day- it's ultimately for your health and if you try to skimp on the nutrition it might have a detrimental effect to your health and ultimately your weight loss.

Good luck !!!!!


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I'm 5ft8-9 and only have 3 shakes and my CDC is happy to tell me 3 a day. So much cheaper to cause she's doing an offer ATM 8 weeks for 30 a week rather then 38
but I have never been asked to eat more just because I am 5ft9.
I have been allowed more than some other members of ww years ago,but that was related to my bmi-which i get, but not the height thing......
Actually your height IS factored into WW, the taller you are the more points you get so it is counted in other diets


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From The Official CDC website:

Sole Source® and Sole Source Plus® are only suitable for those with a BMI of 25 plus a stone.
What do you eat?

If you choose the Sole Source® programme you will consume three Cambridge Weight Plan meals in place of conventional food. For men, or women above 5ft 8ins (1.73m), four Cambridge Weight Plan meals must be taken. Sole Source® is ideal for people who prefer a period of time away from the temptations of conventional food.
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I am 5'8 so just on the border for the 4 shakes a day, I know it is more expensive but i would totally recommend having 4 a day if you are taller, I attempted this a coupl eof years ago with 3 a day and on day 10, everyone else was feeling better but it was just getting worse for me despite being 100%, I got to the point where I couldnt even do anything without feeling really really ill, this time around I feel so much better and while the first few days are hard, they are nowehere near as hard as last time. It is more expensive this way but if it means you will be able to do it, it's worth it x
Thanks for all the replies I got, I admit I had great weight loss on the 4 packs last time, just don't like to think I am being had, however everyone has made me see that I should just stop questioning why and get on with the 4 packs.

Have a good day everyone x


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I am 5'9" and lost 3 1/2 stone a couple of years ago. I had 3 packs a day + a 200cal meal. SS+. Is that right, or should I have been having 4 packs + a 200cal meal?

I am thinking of starting again this week.


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Good Luck Wilma -- and welcome back!

Cambridge Weight Plan: Programmes (6 Steps)

On the official CD website under "Click here to view our 6 step programme" (bottom right)... it explains the programme. However, I would ask my CDC for advice.

I have read a study from the US that shows that there is no difference in the weight loss between an 800 calorie weight loss programme or a 600 calorie one. The study concluded that this was because on the VCLDs your body becomes very efficient and you burn fewer calories. It does slow your metabolism -- this is why it is so esy to regain weight when you cheat "just a little". This study was done by the National Inistitute of Health -- not a business.



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Thanks for that MinnieMe. So it could be 3 packs a day and a 400cal meal????? Interesting, especially as the weight loss could be the same and not as likely to come back as easily.

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