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  1. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    So here we go :) The start of my diary, its called Wibbly Wobbly as thats how I feel about my body, maybe one day I can change it to a slinky and slim diary.

    I started last Monday and so far it hasn't been too bad. I have had a few naughty things but they are out of the house now so will not replace them. I'm using a mixture of Slimfast and Tescos own version.

    I try to do at least 30 mins a day on my wii, mainly using active sports or My fitness Coach Cardio. I am trying to remind myself that even if I dont always see a loss on the scales, my body shape will change. I have measured myself and will probably do this monthly.

    I normally weigh in on a Sunday, my scales show a slight different figure to the wii fit though so there will probably be some confusion!


    B- Nothing! Didn't feel like it and went out shopping
    S- Slimfast choc caramel bar
    L - Chocolate Shake
    D - Tesco light choices pasta meal (no idea on calories but 7 WW points) with BNS.

    Drinks so far - 2x coffee, 1x tea, 4 x water, 1x diet coke.

    Still feeling peckish but trying to ignore it!
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  3. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Today is my weigh in day. I am going to use my scales as I used them last week and then use the wii board.

    Last time I weighed on the wii board (a few weeks ago) I was 13st 11lbs and last week my scales had me at 90.05kg. I know I had probably gained a few lbs as I didn't exercise for a couple of weeks.

    I'm actuially feeling quiet nervous about weighing in today, not sure why as I'm normally excited. Hopefully it'll be fine.
  4. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Ok, so weigh in!!

    I weighed in on my scales which were 87.02 (89.05 last week) so converted to Stones and lbs it equals about 13st 10lbs or near enough. Used the wii and that weighed me as 13st 10lb so I'm happy that the wii and my scales seem to match.

    As I haven't weighed in on the wii for a while it only shows 1lb loss as I didnt weigh in when I knew I had gained. So going on my scales from last week, I lost 4lbs :clap: Pleased about that.

    Next goal will be to lose 3lbs to get rid of half a stone, would be great to be able to do this by next week.

    So far today -

    B - Caffe latte shake
    S - SF Choc bar
    Drinks - 4 x water, 2 x coffee

    As I had breakfast and my snack late they count as kind of breakfast and lunch. Dinner is going to be roast chicken, roast potatoes, BNS, Carrots and Yorkshire pudding and stuffing.
    I decided I will enjoy this dinner without calorie counting or having a shake instead. I cant deprive myself otherwise I will end up giving up and need to enjoy food with the family. Its pretty healthy, all homecooked and I have the rest of the week to be more careful and pull back some calories.
  5. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    I really enjoyed my dinner last night, was so yummy. I didn't snack after which is normal for me. Sunday night, relax in front of the TV and have some munchies so really proud of myself.

    At work today so haven't done too bad but my room is so cold so we've been drinking tea and coffee to keep us warm. Nearly completed my first litre of water so not too bad.

    B - Caffe Latte Shake
    S - Granola bar (more calories than I wanted but lost my slimfast bar on the way to work)
    L - Choc Shake.

    I still have a roast chicken left over as I cooked 2 yesterday so will have this for dinner with some salad and oven baked chips I think.

    Need to exercise today as none yesterday.
  6. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    And I forgot to mention, I am a trainer for my living which normally involves me being extra nice and supplying endless amounts of sweets and chocolates. In fact, its all my delegates talk about after my course - "Did she get you loads of sweets?" LOL.

    I am being evil today as I knew I wouldn't resist them so haven't got any!

    Going to their sites tomorrow so will resist all the food outlets, shops with thier grab bag crisps and kingsize snickers, krispy kreme donuts, bagels, cookie shops etc etc (Now can you see why I am overweight??!!)
  7. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Had my chicken with salad and oven chips and it was so delicious!

    I am attempting my skinny jeans challenge. I found the smallest pair of jeans in my wardrobe and tried them on. I got them up past my thighs buy that was it, they wouldn't go any further. My belly was hanging over and it was not a pretty sight. I have taken a picture so the plan is to try them on maybe every 2 weeks and take a new picture to hopefully see a difference.

    Been thinking about these jeans. I last wore them 2 years ago in Jan, they were tight but I got them on and done up. I have no idea what I weighed then, maybe 12.5 stone and hated being that weight. I've lost nearly a stome this year alone so goodness knows what my weight actually went up to. I really hope this time next year I can sit here writing this wearing those jeans!
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  8. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Yesterday didn't got so well. I forgot to make my shake in the morning and to take one to work with me so I had to do an emergency stop in the chemist to pick some up.

    Good think was I tried the Banana flavour shake which I thought was lovely.

    I was on site all day so coffees bought for me and no real time for lunch due to meetings with different staff members.

    Dinner wasn't well organised when I got home and I ended up eating late but I did complete 20 mins on Active Sports and 20 mins of cardio workout on the Wii.

    B - Banana Shake
    S - Skinny Latte from Costa
    L - Missed
    S - Skinny Gingerbread Latte (yukky!)
    S - Had a very small ball of plain pasta after my workout as I was so hungry
    D - Spagetti on Toast.
    W - About 2L

    Bad day, no fruit or veg!

    Today has been slightly better, I am back in the office so slightly more control.

    B - Chocolate Shake
    S - 1 orange
    L - Chocolate Shake

    Not sure what the dinner options are for tonight, I really need to go shopping but am so poor with the lead up to christmas. Think I have a WW Chicken Hotpot in the freezer I can have.

    More wii fitting tonight :)
  9. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    And my work friend had a big tin of Quality Streets in his room today. I think I ate about 4 and then gave the tin to my delegates and made them keep it away from me before I finsished them off!
  10. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Really need to get myself organised.

    I ended up baby sitting for my cousin and she has sooooo many snacks in the house.

    I did have some chocolate animals and a pack of wotsits and an orange while I was there.

    Came home and done some stuff round the house, before I knew it, it was 8pm. I was far too tired and cold to do my wii. I regret it now as I know it would have warmed me up but I am now in bed so hoping a goods night sleep and I may wake up early and do some wii before work.

    Dinner was Heinz lentil soup and then I had a Jordans breaksfast bar thingy.

    Left my water bottle at my cousins so haven't drunk as much as I would of liked, maybe 1.5/2L today.
  11. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    I didnt end up waking early to do my wii. I must of been very tired as I struggled to get our of bed at 8am.

    Today isn't too bad, my heating in my office still wasn't working so I've been having coffee to keep me warm so must go and drink some water.

    B- Chocolate Shake
    S - 2 X oranges
    L - Chocolate Shake

    I may weigh in tomorrow, its 2 days early but it is my birthday weekend and I want to be able to enjoy myself and not be worried about weigh in. Not sure yet, will see how I feel.
  12. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Last night

    D - WW Chicken Hotpot meal
    S - Salt and Vinegar snack a jacks and one ryvita bar.

    No exercise last night, went shopping instead. I am really poor until Tuesday so didn't have a lot of money to spend, its not fair that eating good fruit and veg and nice meats cost more than junk. All junk is always on BOGOF and special deals.

    I have weighed in 2 days early as I have lots of plans this weekend so I dont want to spoil it by worrying about weigh in.

    I've just used the scales and not the wii board and I was 85.8kgs (13st 7.2lbs or 189.2lbs) so I am pleased about that. Half a stone in 2 weeks, I may measure myself again today and see if there are any differences.
    Just used the wii board - 13st 6lbs!! Really happy with that as it shows me as having lost 4lbs this week. I am leaving my signature as 3lbs though. BMI on the wii is 31.33.

    I have 9lbs to reach my first goal on the wii which will take me to the overweight category, hopefully I will achieve that by Jan at some point.

    I struggled so much to get down pass 14 stone and here I am not far from hitting the 12's!!
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  13. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    B - SF Chocolate Shake
    S - 3x Ginger biscuits (gave blood today so have to given to me after donation_
    L - Celebrity Slim Banana shake - quiet nice actually.

    Will be getting the little 'un from school soon so hopefully will do wii fir when I get back and have Gammon cooking in the slow cooker for dinner, will serve with sweetcorn, new potatoes and BNS.
  14. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    grrr! the frustration i feel at having to spend so much more money to eat well is unbelievable!
    hopefully come january there'll be a bit more low fat food etc on offer since everyone will be dieting!!

  15. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Unfair isn't it. 4 x chicken in breadcrumbs are £1 yet 4 x fresh chicken breasts are about £5!

    I've not been shopping yet again so need to go today to stock up on fresh fruit and veg.
  16. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    Ok, I am back and on track.

    I took some time out as it was my birthday weekend so I knew lots of drinking would be involved, also lots of nice meals and Christmas.

    I haven't exercised and I've not eaten well so I guess I have put weigh back on but I've not weighed in and I'm not going to until Sunday. I fully expect a gain though.

    Have really missed the shakes, this week my belly felt sore and uncomfortable and I didnt even really eat loads.

    Have started this morning with a vanilla shake which is quiet nice. I love the ready made banana ones but couldn't find them so have the banana powder so hope it tastes just as good.

    I got a new wii game, Your Shape, with a camera for Christmas so looking forward to trying that out and have the biggest loser game being delivered so plenty of choice and no excuse for exercise!
  17. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    I am so awful! There I was last week promising a new start and I didn't. Again I didnt stay on track with shakes or exercises.

    I feel awful, really bloated and unhealthy.

    I've started this morning with a chocolate shake, the pre made ones are a lot nicer, this one tastes quiet powdery.

    I need to go into work today so am going to stop at Tesco and try and get some ready made bottles and some fruit to snack on at work.

    I paln on getting away early so I can exercise when I get home.

    Again I didnt weigh in this week.
  18. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    I feel so hungry.

    I've come into work and the boys in the office next door must of had fish and chips today as I can smell them. I've gone upstairs and the girls have all had lunch so I can smell soups, see cookies etc. I've then ad to walk pass the vending machine and the crisps were calling me! I will resist!

    Today I've had -

    B - Chocolate Shake
    S - Banana
    L - Vanilla Shake
    S - SF Caramel bar
    D - Homemade chicken curry, rice and a tesco nan bread.

    I ate the caramel bar first though as I really needed something to munch on.

    Popped into Tesco and got some premade Chocolate shakes. Will try to keep using the powder at home though to save my premade ones.

    Got home and tried out Your Shape on the Wii. It was pretty tough seeing yourself on the screen. It does make you correct your movements though. I tried a 30 min workout focusing on my legs and it hurt my arms more!! It reckons I burned about 400 calories which I dont agree with as I was out of breath but not sweating.

    I then put the biggest loser game on to set it up and chose Bob as my trainer on easy. I decided th try the first workout which was 18 mins of yoga thinking it'd be easy and it was quiet hard, I was suprised!

    Feel so much better for finally doing some exercise, it has been 17 days since I last got on the wii which probably means 17 days off SF.
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  19. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    I've made a powdered Vanilla shake this morning and it is so sweet, I can barely drink it.

    I've heated the milk up and added a bit of coffee to try and make a latte but think it needs more coffee as I cant taste it.

    The pre made ones are so much nicer.

    Going into work today but location based instead of office so will be able to do a bit of walking. Plan on finishing early so I can get home and do some exercise on the wii and cook a decent meal.

    I had a few snacks last night, a pack of snack-a-jacks and 2 Fox biscuit bars. I wasn't hungry so dont know why I done it. Could kick myself for it but hopefully today will be a better day.

    Need to start drinking some more water but it is so cold, I find it hard even though I love cold water. Might attempt to buy a peppermint tea instead of Latte when I am at work today.
  20. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    I've managed to gain 6lbs over Christmas!!!

    Gutted with myself but knew it would happen. I ate what I wanted, drank loads more than I ever normally drink and didn't exercise once.

    Still, it went on quick so hopefully it'll come off quick now life is back to normal and I am in a routine.
  21. IzziS

    IzziS Member

    Sorry to hear you gained some weight over Christmas, I'm sure you're not the only one though! Don't let it get you down, use it a motivational tool!

    I know what you mean about the powdered shakes being too sweet. I have them because the pre-made ones are a little too pricy to have everyday. Have you tried adding a little fruit to them? E.g. a small banana blended with the vanilla or a few strawberries with the chocolate. I find it makes them taste alot nicer and adds a little more substance too them which fills me up for longer.

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