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Tanning Tips Needed (or ways to get round it)


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I am a complete newbie to the world of self tanning (having never worn a dress in the summer before, i have never had the need).

I am going to my sis in laws wedding, and am wearing a bright coral dress that comes to my knees (that are knocking just at the thought of wearing the dress!)

Heres my problem...my legs are whiter than snow. They actually reflect the sunlight. It did not occur to me that this was a problem until i realised i could not wear tights as i am wearing sling back open toe shoes (i think thats the correct terminology lol)

Whats the easiet way to tan my legs without looking like i have tanned my legs? i just want a little bit of colour, off white would be nice! i have been told its too late for the build up stuff as the wedding is saturday!!

If anyone uses any great makes i would appreciate your opinions and also how to do it! i know you have to exfoliate, but not being a girlie girl, i have not done that before either (not knowingly anyway!)

either that, or if anyone knows of any magic tights without any toes and no heel panel, i could do that instead!

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Your only option is to get a spray tan at a salon. Get an emergancy app. tomorrow after work!


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I dont think im brave enough to get my kit off!!
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Dont have too, hold your boobies and keep ur knickers on. Theyv seen it all before, trust me! im afriad you dont have time to risk a home spray, as if it goes tits up you need a few days to deep scrub it off!

Face your fear, get yer kit off and look gorgeously glowing in your pink dress (go you btw!!!! youl look amazing.. snow legs or no snow legs!!!)

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Hi I got wed last yr & went to a wedding in a shortish dress also I got a spray tan from the tanning shop.

I'm Irish so really white 2 only wanted a sutle colour. Also in the Tanning Shop u go into a booth & it sprays u no need to undress in front of anyone.

U go girl...bet u'll look FAB-U-LOUS....

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Hi,when I went to the tanning shop it was a booth & the girl told me how 2 stand etc & the machine sprayed u. I'm not sure if the tanning shop is nationwide or just London sorry.

I don't no about other salons.


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If you don't have time (or courage) for a tan spray at the salon, get yourself some Johnson's Holiday Skin (or similar). If you go for the fair/light option, mix it with a little of your ordinary body lotion and apply it before bedtime (give it chance to dry on your skin first). Then apply again in the morning, and again tomorrow night. It will give you a very subtle coverage, just a gentle glow, and will take the edge of the whiteness. The other alternative is a wash off glow lotion just for the day itself. Soap & Glory (which you can buy in Boots) do a great one that is called Glow Lotion and has a hint of sparkle in it. I use this, in addition to the Johnson Holiday Skin, whenever I need to wear a dress.

Have a fabulous time at the wedding, I'm sure you'll look fabulous, and don't forget to show us some photos!


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You can buy leg make up now that washes off!! Sally Hanson (I think!) doe something that you can just spray on and wash off :) x


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I've had spray tans and the girl did stand there and hold a gun at me!
It's nothing the girl hasn't seen before, they're not bothered about your boobies - just the money they are getting for doing it!

Also, you can get tights with no toe seams - go somewhere like Debenhams, they do them.

Most of all, have a lovely day :)


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wish there was booths here ..... my friend did mine and i just had thongs on (she is proffesional though) HOWEVER....... in summer and when i get nervous i sweat a little.... and when i had spray tan back of knees (when id been sitting and they bent) i had white patch, as same with under arm pits underboobs ... so if its for a special accasion im not sure id risk it esp you be sitting aswell abit! .... if i was you id get a good body scrub and exfoliate your legs and jus get a very light home tan for just your legs this way if you get white patches wont b as noticable.... esp if your wearing open toe shoes as inbeten my toes went orange!


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If you go to Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Evans etc, you should be able to buy 10 denier tights and stockings without any heels or toe insert's, they may be a bit more expensive, but worth it for the big day.

Have a wonderful time at the wedding.


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Sally Hanson spray on legs like Camille said!

Or St Tropez are the best spray ones -

Moisturise and Exfoliate - the instructions are on the packaging depending what you opt for!

Cheaper than a spray tan too!

If it goes wrong (elbows, joints etc) - lemon juice removes it!

Sally Hansen spray on legs is ace, Primark do a cheaper version also it does work but not as good as the Sally Hansen one


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i got the tights from marks and sparks!! they do toeless tights!! with no heel panel so you cant tell you are wearing them. Apperantly they keep you cool too?!?

Well tomorrow is the big day, and im going to be the girliest i have ever been (since being a bridesmaid when i was 10 lol)

i have worn a dress once in the past yr (see signature pic) however, it was floaty and dark. I can believe im going to wear a dress that will stand out so much! oohhh im scared and excited!

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