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Tara's Diary

Hey All,

Just joined the forum for moral support and so am starting my diary....

Started on Lipotrim on Friday 19th November having only managed to loose 10lb using SlimFast since August. The treats were starting to be more like cheats! And the evening meals were a disaster! :eek:

A friend and her Dad started the 100% TFR lipotrim programme in July this year and Em has lost 6 1/2 stone since then. She looked amazing at out Horse Driving Society's annual dinner a couple of weeks ago and she looked so amazing!

My goal is to loose another 4 stone by 30th March next year, so that I can help my Shetland pony Acer with him pulling me at the Indoor Horse Driving Trials being held in Keysoe, Bedfordshire starting 1st April.

It's been a crappy weekend as I've managed to catch the flu and have been in bed since yesterday. Haven't drunk the water that I should have (couldn't keep it down) but have felt much better this afternoon and am back on track with my three shakes and 4 pints of water.

So... today is day four. I'm not hungry (which is the biggest surprise) but am craving a warm meal, so am going to change my vanilla shakes tomorrow to more strawberry and one chicken soup.

I tried this diet about 10 years ago, but only lasted until lunch on day three as the soup but me off, but reading the different threads about the soup (making it with 400mls of water, or adding black pepper or a little chilli powder) then am willing to give it a try.

My first weigh in is on Friday.... so keeping fingers crossed for a good loss in my first week! :eek:

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I used to have a shetland pony when i was younger.. My dad bought him home from a market where his mum had been sold and they just left him in the horse box to die cos he wasn't worth anything financially (barstewards!!)
He was only 7 months old and i had him for many many years, and i gave him to the local City Farm and he lived there for ages, and i used to see him daily because i went there....
He was a lovely soul, although my mum didn't like him cos we never got him gelded so he used to try and pin her up against the fence when she went in the garden to put the washing out!!! lol x x

Thank you for bringing back some very happy memories x x

Well done for getting back on track and i am glad you are feeling better x x x

Good luck for Friday x x
I had one too, Pickles, he was chestnut and used to sit upright like a dog. He used to come in the house and watch TV x
Ahhh bless.. Mine was called Sugar cos he was brown and white....

He used to come indoors too.. It was funny cos Mum had parquet flooring with a rug and his little legs used to go everywhere!! lol
If my Dad was ever in trouble with Mum he used to go into the stable, turn the bucket upside down and tell Sugar all his problems.. Sugar used to rest his head on Dad's shoulder as if he was really listening to him, while me and Mum would be upstairs listening to him waffling to the pony, and nearly wetting ourselves!!! lol

It's amazing what little things we have in common with others really x x x
Sorry for hijacking your diary Tara!! lol xx
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Yeah sorry Tara. My pony in later years was a 13.2 mare called Poppy, we used to put crates either side of her like panniers and use her to help with cutting the cauliflowers!

Pickles went in harness too Tara, he wasn't very good at it though. We did a float for the Battle of Flowers once, got to the arena and Pickles refused to pull the float and just sat on his haunches! We had to pull it ourselves whilst he walked alongside!

Memories eh! X
Tomorrow is my first weigh in (which effectively is day 8 for me, but my day 7 for my friend who I think isn't staying on the programme).

Hmmm... nervous but excited would be a good why to sum up how I'm feeling now.....
Good luck with weigh in hun x x x
Feel so great!!!

Got weighed in today and have lost a fantastic 11lbs in weight in my first week!

Am totally chuffed that I have not only kept to the diet 100% but that I've lost a total of 22lbs since I started trying to loose weight at the end of August.

I feel that I have more energy already and my mood definately is more vibrant.

One week down and looking forward now to next weeks weigh in! :p
Tara.. That's absolutely fantastic.. Well done hun x x x
Well done Tara, and welcome to LT!! That loss is a brilliant way to start off :) :) :)

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