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Target choice - hmmm


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I've really been giving my target weight a lot of thought recently and can't decide what to aim for.

In my head, the target I'd set is 10 stone. No idea why.. because really I should be aiming for 9 stone, but for some reason 10 stone planted itself in my head.

I can't remember the last time I was 10 stone. It might have been while I was at school round about 14 years old. I'm now 40!

The lowest weight I've been in 24 years is 12 stone 9lbs. Oddly, even though I'm only 5ft 3, I looked ok at that weight. So now I'm wondering if I should aim for 12 stone as my target, then try to maintain at that weight for a while before deciding whether to go lower or not. I don't want to set myself an un-achieveable target of 10 stone.

I know in reality I should just keep getting the weight off until I feel comfortable in my clothes, but my head needs a number to aim for. Daft as it may sound.. If I were to aim for 12 stone it would mean I need to lose another 3 stone 9lbs. If I aim for 10 stone, it's 5 stone 9lbs.

My consultant this morning got talking with me about dress sizes and said, you must be in a .. what.. size 16 now? Oh I wish! I'm still in a 22. She was gobsmacked and said that I didn't look anywhere near a size 22.

My hubby is proud of what I've lost so far, and although he knows I still have weight to lose, doesn't know how much more I want to lose and has said.. don't get too skinny. The thing is, my family and friends know me being round and overweight and they are comfortable and familiar with me being huge, and so am I to be honest. How will I know when to stop? How will I know what is an ideal size for me to be comfortable at?

Maybe I should just stop obsessing with the numbers and just keep going until I'm comfortable in my clothes... it would just be nice to be able to countdown on what's left to lose I suppose.

or am I just going potty? LOL.. does any of what I've written make sense? LOL
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I could have wrote this post myself!

Would you be happy ar 12 stone, or would 10 stone be the ultimate goal for you? It really does depend on how you feel.

My original target (in my head) was 10 stone, but when I got there I still weren't happy so decided to drop it to 9 stone, after many comments, concerns, and remarks from family and friends, I've upped it to 9 stone 5lb, the comments were endless, how I was going to far, my face was looking drawn, how much older I looked, I looked ill etc.... which I weren't to impressed with as I thought I was looking quite nice :D

People like to comment on these personal things, as if they have a right to decide for us what we should be, without thinking of what would actually make us happy.

As I say, it really is down to you, if you will be content at 12 aim for that, if you're not sure then see how it goes.

All the best x


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i feel just the same! It's so long since i was at a weight i felt comfortable with that i just can't set a target properly yet. I'm going to see how I feel and set target when i get there.
Good luck with your weight loss, you have done really well so far!!


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I know how you feel. I'm aiming for 10 stone (I vaguely remember the last time I weighed that) and I want to try and maintain that weight for 6 months first. Then I'm thinking of going down another 7lbs, but only once I know I can stay somewhere for a while! Does that make sense?

I also have no idea if I'll be happy with 10 stone, or look ok, so I'm viewing it as a stepping stone (although it might be the last one - I just don't know)!


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Same here too!

My original target was 13 stone as it seemed too daunting to look any further than that- now I am saying 10st 13lb just because that will be an 8 stone loss.

It is hard to know what my ideal weight will be when I have been very overweight all my adult life- I have absolutely no idea what I will look like at 10 stone, so how do I know it will be ok?

I would pick the heaviest target- then you an feel good to get to it and re-think it after that


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I chose my target by looking at the BMI chart... I think 11 stone will put me at the 23.4 mark which is healthy. I know it is a very practical way of doing it but having something to work on and not just how I feel (because for a while I was happy being 16 stone!) has helped me a lot.


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Hey, I would aim for 12st as your first target then see from there if you look and feel good at 12st then there is no need to stress.
My goal is set as what I think I want to be but in reality I have no idea what I will look at that weight. My first goal is 10st 6 as that would mean a healthy bmi am not far off that so I know that I want to be lower. After that I will take it in half stone blocks till I feel at a good weight. (But yeah secretly I aiming for a lower weight that I don't think I will reach lol!!)


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I'm 5'8-9" ish and have lost nearly 2 and a half stone altogether. I can't decide when to stop either. The bmi chart I'm looking at says that my lowest acceptable weight is about 9 stone! I can't believe it! I'd probably be a size six!! I'd look so ill.


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My lowest acceptable weight is 8 stone 4, and I too know I would look ill at that weight! See? we do know when to stop ;)


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I have finally set my target at group last night - I have decided to go for 9 stone 7 pounds, originally I was going to set it at 10 stone but now I am nearly there I have decided to go for a bit more.

I think it is up to you & when you get close you will know what you would be happy with, it took me a year to decide what weight I needed to be so I don't think there is any rush


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I think you'll know when you get there. I'd say go for 12 initially and then you can always change it once you're there. I originally chose 11st as I remember being happy(ish) at that weight and that when I was 10.7 people said I looked ill (they were used to me being 15-18st my whole life so were shocked to see me that small!). However, I'm now thinking I'm going to aim for 10.5 - just because that would make it an even 7st lost and I like the sound of that! Plus it's closer to a healthier BMI. But I'm being kind of open about it. I'll see how I feel when I get to 11 (wow - only 17lb to go for that!) and take it from there.

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