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Taster evening ideas?

Smoked Salmon Pate (I've just made some tonight!!!)

Depending on how much you have to spend/how many you are making it for, you might want to double the recipe..

200g smoked salmon (store own brand - whatever is cheapest)
1/2 tub of quark
lemon juice
smoked paprika (optional)
low fat plain yoghurt (optional)

Put the salmon and quark into a food processor.
Add a little salt, pepper and lemon juice.
Taste. At this point you will know if you want to add more salt/pepper/lemon juice. If you add smoked paprika - ADD A LITTLE BIT, A LITTLE AT A TIME and taste frequently.
You may decide the mixture is too thick. Add the yoghurt (probably no more than a desert spoonful, or two) until the desired consistency is reached.
Refrigerate until needed.

Hope this helps!!


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Seems to be a few taster sessions going on at the moment, my group has one tonight too.

I'm getting quite enthusiastic about it and making a few things: KFC style chicken (from receipe thread on here), Thai style crab cakes from the Extra easy cookbook (am also making some without fish for veggies - so thai style potato cakes I guess!) and onion bhajis, from SW website. Also making a yogurt/mint/cucumber dip for the bhajis and trying a home made sweet chilli sauce.

I'm even finishing work a couple of hours early today to do all this cooking! Strange, in my previous group I couldnt even muster up any enthusiasm to stay and try anything people brought, let alone cook anything myself.


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Ooo - Go Mandy!!!

I always took either cheesy chicken flavour supernoodle, quorn and mushroom ommlette, or the chicken and bacon cake (recipe on here somewhere) depending on finances. Well done for trying something new.

Have fun at the taster xx


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I'm making:

Vegetable samosas from the Curry cookbook
Syn free Pizza from here
Brit mums sticky choc cake, topped with white choc options "cream" and frozen defrosted cherries ('cause they'll go all juicy)

I'm quite excited.
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Oh my, you are all superbly organised and your food ideas are just yummy, mouthwatering :)

I have decided to take this - Lifeline Online - log on. -- Spicy Prawn
I love prawn and hot food so thought Id combine the too. Its quick to make as well, bonus.

This is my first taster so I'll do better next time.


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there are loads of taste nights cos they usually go with the competition nights unless your in a really good group who do them more often.

I've made up a quark 'cheesecake' to take.

1. dissolve 2 options hot choc (i used white choc) and a satchet of gelatine in a mug of hot water
2. whisk 2 tubs quark with sweetener to taste (about 6 tbsps)
3. whisk the 2 mixtures together
4. i added strawberries to the bottom of a bowl then added the mixture.
5. leave to set

syns: 3 - 5syns for the whole lot (depending on which options you use), and it makes a lot!


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Well my taster night items went down a treat - all the KFC chicken went, as did all the bhajis and all but 2 of my thai style crab cakes and potato cakes.

Only thing that didnt work out too well was the sweet chilli sauce - it was a recipe someone posted on here, but I think the problem was that sweetener doesnt behave in the same way as sugar and didnt seem to go syrupy like boiled sugar in water does.

Biggest problem was I planned on having leftovers for mine and OHs tea - but there were none!

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