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Taster night ideas....

The group I used to go to never has taster nights! My C kept saying "I'll organise one" but never did. I need to move + join a good group!!!!!

Sorry, had to moan about that lol. KFC chicken sounds yum!


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I have to do a taster night this week. I made SW mini quiches (make them in a yorkshire tin and muffins last time! So i may try the KFC chicken :) any other ideas would be great though!

I have one next week too. I don't know what to take, I made the white choc and cranberry brownie from the mag as a trial as I was going to take that, but it was yuk!
I need to peruse my books for inspiration and also keep an eye on cost cos you can end up spending a fortune.....
I take Yuk Sung - it was in the "Love Food" booklet free with the mag a while ago. It's not too dear and easy to leave some at home for your supper when you get back! Went down a storm last time, everyone was asking for the recipe! xx
Ooooh, I'd love to (not sure if it's allowed or not) but I leant the booklet to a new lady in group last week so she could try it. I could probably remember it if I think hard enough. GIve me a few minutes!


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ooh I was taking kfc too, but yuk sung sounds fab, I love that, recepie please! :D:D:D
OK, let me try to remember, can't promise I've got it spot on though!

A couple of chopped carrots, and a couple of chopped red peppers (which I use in place of the celery that it says in the recipe). Fry them off in Fry Light with chopped fresh ginger and garlic. Add extra lean pork mince (I use a pack from Tesco, approx 500g I think), some chopped spring onions, plus a chicken stock cube, and cook that through. Add a small can (200g) chopped water chestnuts. To make the saucy stuff add 1 tablespoon each of red wine vinegar, Worcester sauce and soy sauce, and two tablespoons of oyster sauce (synned). Also might need a sprinkle of cornflour if it's a bit wet (also synned), although I find wet and dribbly is half the fun with yuk sung!

When it's all cooked through, spoon into washed whole iceberg lettuce leaves, and then just get your laughing gear around it!

Very filling, that quantity will make 2 very big meals (on my appetite), 3 or 4 for smaller eaters. Good to keep the meat mixture in the fridge and reheat, can't see any reason why you couldn't freeze it either, assuming the mince hasn't previously been frozen. Also nice with rice or noodles if you fancy a change from the lettuce.

Hope I've got it right - I'll double-check when I get the booklet back. It's yummy - enjoy! xx
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Fighting the bulge
We have ours next week. I was thinking of making the falafels that were in the Jan/Feb magazine and making a dip to go with them.
Let me know how they come out, i have asked in another thread also as the paste for mine seem to come out like a dip - so impossible to bake!!
I would take either...

Butternut Squash soup (because I'm a new convert, and can never believe that something can taste that delicious AND be really good for you too)

Beef, Veg and noodle stir fry (because I can now make it so it tastes as good as the singapore noodles from the chinese AND tastes good cold as well as hot - nomnomnom)

Ommelette made with synfree chicken supernoodles, chicken pieces and mushrooms (because that's cheap and easy, tastes good cold, and is a good packed lunch idea to pass on).

Edited recipe to include spring onions... I knew I had forgotten something!
we have ours on sat and i have so much to choose from i don't know which to take
scotch eggs
chicken cake (does this mircowave nice)
kfc chicken

narrowed it down to these now really don't know which i will take might take some lambri light to
bet i take loads lol
After perusing my books all night last night and finding no inspiration from my 6 SW cookbooks, I have decided to cook some mini cupcakes from my Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache baking book (fab book!). They are 50 cals each so will count 2.5 syns - and they have butternut squash in so "healthy" too!! Who needs diet cake when you can have the real thing?

Jaylou - I was looking at that book on Amazon. Do many of the recipes work out low-syn?
Not ever so low syn - all the calorie content is printed in the back which is great. I don't take off the cals for the veg used, which I guess you could do.
There are half a dozen mini cupcake recipes which are around 50-55 cals so 2.5-3 syns. They are bite sized but oh so lovely and not a bit of splenda in sight!
I know Hellie made the courgette and camomile cakes and I think they were about 7.5 syns each for cake (proper sized!).

I'm a big cake fan and I don't like diet cake so these are super!

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