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HI there,

Have only done 4 days on cs but have tried most of the flavours and liked them all. They are so mild they I liked flavours that I don't usually like - banana and cafe latte.

Good luck


Always Struggling...
Hi Totsd,

I like all of the CS shakes. Some people don't like Caffe Latte cos it's coffee flavoured, but I love it!

I'm not keen on CS soups though...I don't think any of them are very nice.

But you will soon find what suits your taste. Everyone has different taste buds. :)

Good luck with CS. :)


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I like all the flavours too...............I have had hot cafe latte this afternoon and it was surprisingly ok. Only had the soup once......it's not the best! I have not tried the bars yet.
like everyone else said its down to personal tastes...im quite addicted to the strawberry ones atm
Having tried Cambridge in the past I have to say that CS shakes are waaaay nicer. I am not too gone on the Vanilla one though...reminds me of what exactly shakes should not taste like. Banana ones are yummy!!
The shakes are really nice. My faves are strawberry, chocolate and banana. I ones i least liked were vanilla and cafe latte. :)
I was actually very surprised at how nice they are only on my 2nd day has the chicken soup and banana shake yesturday and i actually liked them both. Tried lipotrim last year and they made me want to vomit the banana shake was like yazoo milkshake but maybe that was just because i was very hungry lol. Trying the caramel one and chocolate one today so will let you know how they are. Not looking forward to trying the vanilla or the cafe latte either x

when i started i jus gone all strewberry no will power to get anything else im that fussy :wave_cry:
when i started i jus gone all strewberry no will power to get anything else im that fussy :wave_cry:
watch you dont get too bored otherwise it wont give you the will power to see things through

have you considered meal bars instead?
done lipo a few years ago was the same on that il be grand they are way nicer shakes to the lipo so far so good wont even by the bars there is no hope of me trying one !! unless it was a mars!!!
i wil admit the CS ones are rather rank but im a very fussy eater when it comes to bar and i promise atkins ones are yummy. you can get caramel ones so they can be kinda like mars bars

but i praise you with the will power just to drink the strawberry!
i must ask today no harm in maybe trying one if they have any , but the strawberry is going down nicely long may it last!!!
i love the strawberry to but what makes it nicer is if you add really cold chilled water to it or ice.

nice and refreshing on a day like to day


Bring on the trumpets
I tried the chocolate fudge bar today.....I thought it was very nice :)
I also did the lipotrim diet. I stuck to the chocolate shakes and made them with peppermint tea and they were yum. Jst couldn stick to the no eating bit.
So im wondering does any 1 add anything to the CS shakes to make them taste any better?


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I get excited when its nearing time for a shake because i LOVE every single flavour! I dont add anything but ive heard some people add berries to them and also canderal or another version of low fat sugar.. :)

Yeah I add nothing to mine either. I did read a posting from another CS user that mixes choc and strawberry together for a different taste. I do think that maybe a drop of mint flavouring into the choccie one sounds yummy. I love anything mint choc