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tattoo pics



others wont upload, keep saying invalid file. not figured out this laptop yet, lol


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Jenny, is that really yours? All the way down your arm?!!!
Cool i was gonna ask for pics but i thought it mite be a bit intrusive haha! Wat does that long tattoo say? i love the one on your wrist
WOW!!! That MUST have hurt!! x
tanya, yes its really me hun.

skinnyminny, nah didnt hurt that much. took almost 3 hours so was in need of a stiff drink after. lol.

anne-marie its a poem, it says

we are connected, my child and I
by an invisible cord not seen by the eye
its not like the cord that connects at birth
our cord cant be seen by any on earth
i know its there, though no1 else can see,
our invisible cord from my child to me
the strength of our cord is hard to describe,
it cant be destroyed, it cant be denied.
its stronger than any cord man could create,
it withstands the test, can hold any weight
and although youre gone and youre not here with me,
our cord is still there and will always be.
it pulls at my heart, i am bruised, i am sore.
but this cord is my lifeline like never before.
my heart is broken that i will never see you smile,
never hold you in my arms and never sing you a lullaby.
and now youre an angel up in the sky,
i'll still never be able to say goodbye.

x x


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aw what a beautiful poem. Did you write it jenny? x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Very poignant poem and must have meant a lot to you to commit it permanently in a tattoo.


A little of everything!
Jenny, that is just beautiful. And the script the tattooist used suits it perfectly.
thanks every1. having it on my arm really helped me deal with the loss. still cry when i read it out loud but simply love it.

x x


mines a skimmed latte
and i cried reading it......beautiful x
Thats a beautiful poem.. I had a miscarraige a couple of months ago, and it brought a lump to my throat... i tried to upload pics of my tatoos but on seeing them, and how flabby I look I have decided to wait until i have lost a bit and revisit this thread!!
After I lost the baby i put on so much weight just comfort eating.. I have two little girls, one and two years, you would think they keep me on my toes but just found at night, when everyone was in bed, id just eat like I was on automatic pilot.. anyway, today is the day i have decided to stop punishing myself and am back on the lipotrim wagon, and when i loose my weight will be back in with pics of my lovely tats (my whole stomach and alot of my arm is covered lol) xxx
hi tasha, sorry to hear about ur miscarriage hun. its such a hard thing to go through.
i have 2 little girls also, theyre 4 and 5. as much as i love them it doesnt make the pain any easier. ive had 5 miscarriages now, had every test and scan done but everything is normal. praying that 1 day i'll be able to have a baby with my husband (girls are from previous relationship)
look forward to seeing ur tats when u feel happier with ur body.
take care hun
x x
Hey, five miscarriages, that is alot for anyone to bear.. its great all the tests came back normal though, and dont give up eh.. even though Iknow how hard it is when you get a bfp.. the weight loss will help also I think, supposedly lipotrim makes people well fertile lol!!
I will maybe try to put a pic up today (have to resize them on photobucket wish I could resize myself on photobucket wouldnt that be great lol).. its not that i am huge huge, but such a difference in me since the pregnancy, I was taken aback but it has given me the kick i need, maybe I should use the photo of me big fat belly as a screensaver.. on day two today, got all weepy this morning as I roared at my son (9) who had this thing where he likes what i give him for his packed lunch one day then a week later refuses to eat it, I went mad this morning when i opened his lunchbox from yeasterday, so trivial but feeling a bit raw today and want him to understand I m not made of money... ah well, hopefully the day wil get better lol xxx
Ok hope this works (its in flattering black and white lol)
The tatoo stretched a bit during two pregnancies in two years but is getting retouched and finishedwhen I get to my goal weight xxx

(Dont mind the stretchmarks bleaurghhhhh!!)
lol to resizing urself on photobucket. that would be great.
you should put a pic of urself at ur biggest on here, that way whenever ur struggling look at it and it will motivate u. tried to scan on a pic of me at my biggest but couldnt do it. bloody new laptop is messing with me.lol. so i put a pic of me at 11st 7lbs on instead, thats what im working towards and it really does motivate me to stick to it.
i find that little things bother me 2 esp being on LT. hubby said ive become more strict since starting this diet.
looking forward to pics x x
ah thats really pretty hun. what colour are the flowers?
dont know what u were worrying about! ur belly looks fine. and uve grew 2 babies in 2 yrs.
x x

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