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tea anyone?!


is a naughty girl...
I tried green tea and I hated it!! mum told me you get use to it after a while....well I dont want to drink something I have to get use to hehe xx thanks miss!
White tea is nice. It's not as bitter as black tea. Green tea is so bitter! I don't like it x x
White tea is nice but I also like green tea!


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I love white tea - you do really have to try it!!!

It's as healthy as green one (if not healthier) but taste much better x


I think dandelion tea from clipper is okay - I emailed them to ask and they said its all leaves, but I've not tried it yet

Peppermint tea is okay
White Tea
Green tea (if it tastes bitter you might be brewing it for too long, stewing it)
Black tea
Nettle tea

Gaelic Faery

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Lexie the idea of drinking nettles is kinds scary! It's like childhood memories of being stung by them :D I love peppermint tea, it's all I drink. Must try this white tea though :)
I drink ALL SORTS!
You can get green with mint - that is YUM
Keemun tea - chinese leaf tea
Lapsang souchong - definitely an aquired taste.
I would recommend you experiment as much as you can - green tea i find much nicer when steeped only lightly. And I have found you get what you pay for with tea - the more you spend, the better quality the tea is. Happy tasting!:)
Does raspberry lead tea taste of them? or am I pushing my luck?! hehe
It doesn't taste of fruit, but does have a slightly sweet taste. I really like it - make it from fresh leaves in the summer (we have plants in the garden) and dry a load out for winter. You can buy teabags too, but whole leaves are so much nicer.
Hi, I drink a range of different teas - particularly mint teas. if you have a look on the twinings website you'll see quite a few different combinations that they do. I had a Digestif tea bag free with my peppermint tea and it was so yummy - might want to consider those. I also drink rooibos tea - I also love netter tea. I have just bought the twinings minty range but will have to leave the camomile but the rest you can have my cdc confirmed. x x


Be careful of commercial raspberry teas as they are not all made with leaf, a lot have seeds and apple pieces in which we unfortunately can't have. So read the ingredients carefully.

e.g the raspberry "leaf" tea which is sold in Holland and Barrats has these ingredients:

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaves, Hibiscus, Blackberry Leaves, Natural Raspberry flavour, Tartric Acid, Rosehips, Raspberries, Apple Pomace.
I have a new favourite - any of you that are fans of mint teas, I urge you to try Pukka Teas Three Mint Tea - it's made from peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint leaves, all organic and totally YUMMY!:)

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