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Going for Goal!
Hi everyone! :) I've recently run out of the Clipper White tea and fancy a change. I plan to go shopping after work to stock up. I love nothing more than sitting and sipping warm liquids of an evening, especially in this horrid weather and the lead up to a cold winter. Can anyone recommend any teas that are allowed on ss (i'm aware we can have herb teas, not flower or citrus) but I would love to hear what teas you enjoy and i'll give them a go! :) Thanks in advance! Hugs x x x
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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Hey hun, I used to live on Green tea with a mango infusion and am now loving normal Green Tea from Twinings. Am currently on Fairtrade Green Tea and that too is quite nice, last bit in the bottom is to be avoided at all costs *bleugh* *yuck*
Also Red Bush is nice but very strong black as it is normally a tea to have with milk!!

Each to their own though :D

Hope you find something hun, i know what you mean about it getting cold and wanting a warm drink when you get home! xx
Hi Emma, I have sliced fresh ginger (have to squish it a bit to let the juices flow out) in warm water- Mr T's aunty drinks it and it is lovely- I look forward to it each night ,it helps my wine cravings.x
Hi KM, don't know if I'm allowed it coz am on ss+,but checked it out with my cdc in week 2 and she said fine. Am really happy with my loss (3 and half stone in 10 weeks) so reckon it's ok,but if it is banned then I'm going to carry on being a rebel......keeps me off the beloved and very much missed vino:D


Is determined to do this!
Maybe I'll have to try some other ones as well,as just keep drinking PG with milk! :p
Am not a tea person as much as coffee person,maybe thats why!


please try again
i drink pure green tea, a green and black tea blend and red bush tea


please try again
i have mine as an added bonus to make sure i keep my water intake high

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