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Hello Gang,

I gave up normal tea a few years ago and none has passed my lips since (if only I could muster that kind of willpower again!). I also gave up coffee (of the caffeinated kind), it was all part of a New Years Resolution in the year 2000.

My mother and father have always been into drinking other teas as well as conventional tea, so I guess the porcess wasn't too hard for me.

So, at present I tend to pour hot water on a teabag and drink it - I've never been one for putting sugar in my tea (another resolution I made when I was about 12 years old!).

At the moment I drink:

Camomile; Ingredients: Camomile
Rooibos; Ingredients: Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis), it's a bush tea.

Rooibos (Afrikaans for 'red bush'; pronounced [rɔɪbɔs]; scientific name Aspalathus linearis) is a member of the legume family of plants and is used to make a tisane (herbal tea). The product has been popular in South Africa for generations and is now consumed in many countries.

Rooibos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fennel: Ingredients - Fennel

My family also drink
Rooibos Vanilla; Ingredients - Bourbon vanilla, natural vanilla flavour.

In summary, there's:

- Camomile
- Rooibos
- Fennel
- Rooibos Vanilla
- Peppermint (I drink sometimes)

Of all those listed above, what am I allowed to drink whilst on Cambridge Sole Sourcing?

Many thanks ...
I'm sure you can drink most of those....I do the vanilla rooibos is yum! Not to keen on fennel.

You can't have any tea that is from the fruit or the flower if that helps.

Kam x
Ahhhh... that does help. Although Camomile is a flower?

Kam - you are a star. My CDC didn't want to listen to me when I asked. (My CDC is good, but she thinks me a failure so doesnt really bother with me).

Thanks for your help.

I can't stand Fennel - it's vile. Tastes like tea I had when I was younger to help me with constipation.

Just finishing 1850ml worth of fluid intake so far this morning.

I know Camomile isn't allowed. Not sure about the rest. It's a bit of a minefield.
Of course meant to say you can't have camomile...hate that one as well.

Someone posted about teas before not sure if here or dare I say DH?

Talking of which Cahching were you on DH as well? did you go to the Henry's meet in Feb?

Kam x

P. S Your not a failure! Your here aren't you!!

it was me who posted on DH, but didn't make my question clear as I have this morning.

I haven't been to any 'meets' as yet. I'm treated like a failre by my CDC though.
Ah.... she only effect me for about 2 days. Seh's there to measure me and weigh me.
Hi - the jury's out on Rooibos tea, I think.

I used to drink gallons of it on SS and some thought that it had knocked me out of ketosis as my weight loss did slow down.

It is made from the leaf, but the leaves are needle-shaped rather than flat, so I don't know if that makes a difference. I know that several people told me that they drank a lot of it and it didn't affect their weightloss. So I think people just have to see if it affects them individually.

I'm talking about the original Rooibos/redbush tea - not the stuff with vanilla/orange flavourings which are not allowed definitely.

Shame - it's lovely!!

If I can't drink Rooibos, then tea is out of the question for me because I don't really drink any other. If I can't have a hot drink then I'm pooped. The Vegetable broth CD thing is vile to the extreme.

Sometimes I think this diet is so unworkable!
Sorry, I get frrustrated sometimes. I have a CDC iwho talks over me and doesn't listen - who also thinks I'm "doing my own thing" instead of taking time to listen and realise I'm not "doing my own thing" I'm trying to SS!

I want to phone CD HQ and ask them direct, but they'll say speak to your CD .... which for me is an impossibility. I'm by no way a push over, I just know that if I tackle her on her behaviour towards me i'm not going to be able to go back there because - I may things clear in no uncertain terms. She's the best in the area .... I wish I lived elsewhere.
Hello Deb24! :)
Oh I thought you could have the vanilla one :( better not buy anymore then nearly out of it.

Kam x


Flip flop!
TBH hun, if you can only drink Rooibos, then drink it, if it keeps you on the diet. Just check that it doesn't knock you out of ketosis.

Sorry that you're having problems with your CDC - is there another one you could go to?
Hi Isobel sweetheart.

Nah, she's the best around here, I'll give her that. I think I'd get her back on side if I could prove to her I can sole source, I've bee seeing her since Feb/March (I was around 18.5st then!)time so it's little wonder she doesn't have time for me... it's all my fault really.