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  1. Gen

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    Hi guys not sure where to put this... but.... a friend of mine has just met a guy she really likes... the only thing that is putting her off is he has a slightly smelly breath... she reckons it smells of plaque :confused: :confused: :confused: :D she is a bit of a clean teeth freak anyway, we all like clean teeth but she is a bit OTT but anyway this is kinda putting her off him...

    my question is how would you word something like this to him just to subtly tell him there is a bit of a smell without making an issue out of it???

    anyone any experiences with this??

    all help much appreciated...

    Gen xx
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  3. KD

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    Oh heck. Toughy one that.

    I would certainly want to know if it was me with the bad breath. I think I'd be very embarrased to be told though if I was younger.

    So what would I do? Ummm....finking hard.

    Okay. Offer him a mint and say "you know the saying....never refuse a mint if someone offers;)" If he's bright...he'll get the hint.

    Or, she could take the cowards option and use payback.com :D They'll do it in a nice way :D

    It's a great site;) and might get around the problem without her being involved.
  4. magickmel

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    Is she sure he isn't in ketosis ? :D

    Seriously I would offer a breath freshner mint, not just an ordinary one and I think it will make him think. It isn't an easy topic so I think it will have to be gently gently approach, especially if he is a sensitive soul. Good luck !
  5. devonbabe

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    chew gum on the date..and say something like. ' i chew gum cause i cant bear stinky breath...want one?
  6. Brad0053

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    Could it be he is secretly Sole Sourcing :D :D :D
  7. nadhak


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    do what I do to my husband after he has eaten curry - "theres no way I'm kissing that until you have cleaned the stench away"
    he either brushes his teeth or Bu**ers off
  8. olijames

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    :confused: Mmm?

    sounds suspiciously like a case of K-BOD (Ketosis Breath of death), maybe she should suggest going for a coffee and offering him a nut bar and 10 sweetex!:rolleyes:
    No, seriously I think I'd just come out with it..maybe suggest they both brush their teeth before a morning session, sorry TMI but I dont like to beat around the bush!:p

    Keep us posted on her state of play?
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