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YES! Had to start buying whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash and on the rare occasion I chem gum, I chew whitening gum. Never suffered from stained teeth before :(


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I have actually but put it down to the amount of black tea and coffee I was drinking. Its not bad but they look a bit more yellow. Not hobo like yet.


is going to do this!
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That's weird, I think my teeth have looked whiter since Cambridge, lol! I put it down to eating/drinking less rubbish!
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lol! I've always wanted to get my teeth whitened, at least when I do it I'll get my moneysworth :)


can see the end in sight!
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mine have been going yellower since i have been living over here.... i have put it down to drinking black coffee since starting CD and also drinking red wine! (when not on CD)


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Not hobo like yet.

I dont see a difference in the colour of my teeth, but they have become very sensitive! :mad::( Dunno if thats a side effect or not, may just be a coincidence....:p
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Me too

Hi all,

I've noticed mine are more yellow too and I'm not drinking more coffee or tea. I'm a wee bit worried actually because I've noticed they are slightly more sensitive as well.

A couple of years back I went through a period where my teeth deteriorated really badly and the dentist couldn't understand why. I have a horrible feeling it might have been when I was doing CD for the first time round... Would love some feedback from counsellors on this. Meanwhile I might try using a straw.

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