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Tell me it's okay

Day 4 today and have really struggled even though i'm in ketosis i feel like someone is ripping my insides out.

I have been so hungry i nearly mugged my boss for his ham roll and lunch.

On the way home i had to go to tesco to get some water cause the cleaners threw my bottles out that were on my desk and i resisted all the stuff i wouldn't have thought about not buying before and bought a ready to eat chicken breast

Since having it i have got really bad stomach cramps so that will teach me, but do you think it will cause me to come out of ketosis?
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I can do this.
It should'nt tak u out of ketosis, but it is exra cal's.


Gone fishing
Have your shake as planned. You need it.
Just don't do it again;)

Those first few days can be tough eh.
You'll be fine.
the rest of the week has been really easy and in the thinking of it i've just had piece of chicken which compared to what i would normally eat in a week is fine, i just feel like i have let myself down


Serial Foodie!
glad the rest of the week has been ok, well done. i did some days of 790 in my first week as i couldnt handle SSing straight away and i still had a really good loss so im sure u will do really well. xxx

I ate 2 slices of Healthy living bacon on day 2, my legs were shaking like a marionette whole body jerking, there was nothing else for it.

I was advised by my CDC that in future if i ever feel that ropey, I should eat either a bit of chicken or turkey or a few prawns. Im oging to cook a chicken breast and fridge it- hopefully I wont need it, but I might...and id sooner choose some low fat protein than snap and have something much worse :)
Gill you haven't let yourself down, i was exactly the same between day 5-7 i was ravenous and i'm allowed 900kcals of extra food so i can empathise with how you must have been feeling and you picked great food to pick on you could have picked something really bad for you and full of fat and high in carbs so i wouldn't worry about it just don't make a habit out of it! You must have your last shake though as that contains all your nutrients so you need to take it to stay healthy!!! Have you got anything nice planned this evening?
lol i've not logged on yet been replying to all the posts on here. and dad's watching rugby and miffy's fell out with me coz i grabbed her earlier to give her antibiotics, she wasn't very impressed with me
May very well be Gill coz some of them can do that!! Also if you've been busy today you might be burning off more kcals which is will make your body feel like it wants more!!
i'm up and down the stairs all day cause there is only one upstairs loo near my office so i have to go downstairs all the time
just think of all the exercise you're getting hehe. How is the new job, are you enjoying it?
yeah i'm really enjoying it and there are 2 other ladies on CD so we try and encourage each other which is great.

How is the wedding planning going?
Aww that's really good, theres a lady where i work who's started the CD too but im not there now til 1st october so i hope she's getting on ok!!

Wedding plannings going ok, got 4 appointments with florists next week and am seeing a weddinh hairdresser on friday and Stes hading notice at registrar on tuesday so we're up at his mum n dads house from sunday so i'm really dreading it as they eat like 3 course meals at night all full of carbs :(
i have no idea where you live Nina, you could be round the corner for all i know

I loved planning my wedding, if you need any help give me a shout i can help with most things,
Hi Gilly,

I am on day 4 too and know how hard it is - yesterday was a nightmare, if you had to eat something you ate the right thing, I spoke to my CDC tonight about this and she said if you are really struggling go with what you would have on the AAM week - like a small portion of cooked chicken etc.,

Dont beat yourself up - at least you didnt go and have a big mac - although sometimes I have felt it - I have my weigh in today after 4 days and have lost 7 lbs so stick with it - it will be worth it.

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