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Telling friends and familiy your on a diet is soooooo hard


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I have just started the Cambridge Diet but have not told all my family / friends yet. I went out with my parents, sister and my children for a family meal and I had a few mouthfulls of food to cover up my diet. I felt really bad about it and could hardly put it in my mouth. I hope it won't affect my weigh in too much :(.

I don't want to tell everyone yet I am on a diet, has any one else tried to hide the fact for a while? I have been taking the bricks to work and popping out to run errands going to the bank, post office etc, silly really.

I suppose I just want to see if I can succeed before everyone starts with the 'how many calories are in what food' like I don't know!

I see my counsellor next week and hope it has not affected my progres. I will just have to see how it goes:eek:
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It is tricky. I've not "gone public" yet, I just feel that if I do I'll jinx it!!

So far I've only told my parents, my chap and one person I work with.

I guess when the time is right you'll be ready to say something, sorry this isn't a definite answer...



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I would suggest explaining it to them.. You can't keep doing things like this it will break you up. Don't tell people unless they ask you specifically and make sure you can explain about ketosis, 100% GDA vits and mins and everything...

Some people will freak out; yes... but do you really want to keep going like this for another 3-4months or so??

People will ask questions and will have doubts and worries and some will be upset or whatever.. but.. it's important to tell people around you and not eat mouth full of food just so they won't notice! That will just hinder your losses hun...

Good luck whatever you decide.

I didnt go public for a whilw because of the reactions ive seen people get off here - but this is my second time around and family are delighted im back on it as they know how happy i am when im on it.

If people cant be supportive or say anything nice too you - tell them where to go as its your life not theirs.
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Hi, apart from my OH and my parents, no one else knows. I havn't been ready to tell anyone in my work yet, I guess I am afraid of any negative comments. I have been taking the soups,& bricks in but I sometimes wonder if anyone has noticed that I am not eating the way I used to. I have a work lunch coming up this Fri which has been planned for a few wks at a chinese restaurant, which will be hard but I am just going to have a meat dish without the rice! Will get back to SS on Sat. I think the biggest challenge will be if a work night out comes up as I will have to expain why I am not able to drink alcohol!!
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I haven't told many people in my life, simply because I don't want the pressure. My spouse and my kid know, but that's really about it, except for my closest friend. I haven't told my parents (especially my mother) because I know it will be easy for her to nag.

I figure that this is the last diet I'm going to try. If it works and I'm able to stick to it, then I'll have all the nice comments from people who didn't know I was dieting. If I fail at the diet, then I won't have to endure their disapproval, because they won't know I was on a diet in the first place!
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Hi hunny,

Ive only told my rents, sisters and my bf. Only because they see me everyday and will know im not eating. Im not going to tell anyone at work as when i was thinking about doing SS and talked to people at work the negitivity i got was unbeliveable. Ive also decided to wear the biggest wolly jumper i could find every day for a while. Main reason is that my sudden weight loss wont be shown unless i show it, which for me takes away alot of stress about what people will say.

Hope this helps :)


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the only people that know are my husband, daughter and one of my sisters! I tell people I am cutting out carbs and if I go for a meal just have Tuna salad,( I don't eat meat) and ask for dressing on the side and do ss+, at work I just have soups. I always had soup for lunch, plus biscuits etc so no one has really noticed that much, and not eating "carbs" explains to people why I'm not eating them now. If you're going for a meal why not ss+ and have meat and veg or a salad, as for drinking offer to drive, this explains why you can't have a drink
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Hiya hun, I totally understand how you feel. I don't advertise my attempts at dieting because I can't stand being quizzed about whatever diet I'm on and having my food examined. Really hate that! I remember when I was on SW and living at home, we had an aunty staying with us and EVERY SINGLE MEAL I ate, she was right there sniffing around, asking how many calories and what colour the meal was etc.... Sigh....

As for this diet, I'm definitely not telling people. Only my fiance knows. As for the rest when I find myself in a situation where I have to explain why I'm not eating I just say I'm trying to lose some weight for my wedding. I don't specify what diet it is and because 99.99% of all brides to be are always on some sort of diet, it keeps them satisfied lol. Oh except one time I was out shopping with my friend and had a chocolate tetra brik and she said "you're on a diet and drinking chocolate milk?!" Sigh!


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I completely understand, I haven't told anyone this time, I didn't really tell anyone last time either.

If I have to go out with friends I tell people that I am off the carbs, then if it's an occasion where I absolutely have to eat I can have some protein and people are really actually quite supportive and will make sure to go somewhere where I can get a big plate of protein, Greek restaurant rather that chinese etc...

If people at work ask me why I am having soup for lunch every day I tell them that I am having a really big dinner that night or I blame the credit crunch. I tell people that my shakes (which I make up with a lot less water and eat like cake mix -disgusting but so satisfying) are chocolate or vanilla mousse and good bless porridge for hiding the diet!

You are doing this diet for you not for others, it's no ones business but your own. Just imagine their faces when you emerge this summer as a beautiful butterfly!!!

Good Luck
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Oh everyone i work with and friends know. I cant keep it a secret when I eat all these sachets at my desk! Plus there is lots of cakes and chocolate at my office, so people dont offer me food anymore which makes it a bit better!


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My husband know's I am on the Cambridge Diet and as I keep eating porridge for breakfast and dinner and I think it is a good way to hide the fact I am on a diet no one has questioned it. I think need time under my belt with a good weight loss as I don't want negative comments about the diet being unhealthy, or a fad. When I am ready I want to be able to say the diet has really worked for me, I am healthy as I can defend my actions I have researched and have been happy to do the diet and stick with it so far. I don't think people mean to be offensive but from experience when you say you are watching what you eat some can be supportive but others can be down right rude.
I've told as few people as I can. Just those that matter, that would have known even if I hadn't said anything. I am lucky that it ties in with lent so for other people at work etc I just say I've given everything up and it usually ends there.

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