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Telltale headaches... all read please!

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Hiya, I am really interested to see if we can answer this question, as I too suffer with withdrawal headaches... can anyone who has these at the moment, or can remember, tell me:

- at what time after SSing do/did you suffer headaches?
e.g. end of day 1 SSing, day 2 am etc?

I have found that I consistently get them in the evening of day 1 (so have gone without food from the evening the night before, making it about 24 hours SSing), and they carry on thru to about end of day 2/morning day 3..

Please all post your replies, i am v. interested to see if there's a trend...
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hey hun

i have had mine from around tea-time ish today and i started with u last night, so around 24 hours too, is it carb withdrawal? i normally have loads of carbs when i think about it now :( was gonn have some black coffee to see if it helpd but i hvent got any tablet sweetners only the powered stuff :(



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mine started end of day one, day 2 was awful.relented on day 3.

i didnt get a chance to do gradual cutting down on carbs, as made the phone call on tuesday, started CD on wednesday.
mine come and go......i had one last night that was so bad i decided to just go to bed as laying on my head eased it.........i ended up falling asleep at 11pm which is well early for me on a weekend...........woke up fine though :)


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Mine started on day 1 at around 11pm that night and didn't shift til this morning at around 10am after some v strong painkillers


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Dont Give up coffee............. Its one hell of a hang over, black coffee i can do even with sweetners,m as to the carb withdrawl i will let you know.



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I get them on-and-off for the first week. I guess because I'm prone to headaches and migranes anyway I expect it to be bad. For the first week I keep lots of paracetamol/ibuprofen handy!! x


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Mine started today at around 5ish (day 1), so went to bed for a snooze. Feel groggy but better now.
Not looking forward to tomorrow though.
What pain killers can we take on CD? I normally take ibuprofen or solpadol but you ned to have food with those.
I had ibuprofen for mine as i have some really strong ones... imanaged without food didn't have any problems


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I had ibuprofen for mine as i have some really strong ones... imanaged without food didn't have any problems
just be careful as it can upset your stomache and cause bleeding i think. maybe take them after a shake/soup/bar?


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i got mine late day 2
really really bad like a migraine and even felt sick with a cold feeling
day 3 lasted most of the day
on day 4 today and woke with a very mild achey head like a groggy feeling
hoping this is th end of the bad heads now
When I first started got headache on day 3 with slighty foggy head on day 4 which passed real quick. now notice that should I go out of ketosis cos meal out or something, I find I then get headache within 24 hrs. so think has a lot to do with how quickj you use up your carb stores as said before.:D


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I was lucky and only had very mild headaches on day 6 pm in the 1st week. However I did cut out carbs for 1 1/2 weeks before I started cd.

However on week 3 I then had a very bad migraine which wiped me out for 2 days. As I occassionly suffer from them I dont know if the diet started this one or not.

Since then I have never felt better.
Maybe i was one of the lucky ones.. had a bit of a throbbing head, but only lasted about 20 mins..

but the thing thats getting me down the most is the 'hellish' breath !! ewwww yuk.. tried drinking water, cleaning teeth, using them ice strips, all ok for a little while, then its back with a vengance.. lol
anyone got any suggestions ??

thanks x

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