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    Hi is does anybody else think about food all the time. I am now just finishing week eight, and having a hard time. I am now 154 lbs size 8 top and 10 - 12 bottoms, every body says that i should not lose any more weight because i will look to thin. i still have 1 stone to lose before i am a healthy weight, but with everyone saying to stop i find that i am starting to have the odd tiny monthfull of food at night when i am cooking. I am finding it so hard at the moment. Has anyone else had the same problems???
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    Just keep telling yourself:

  4. rainbow brite

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    Those people should be helping you and instead they are hindering your progress. If you are not yet in the healthy range of the BMI and you want to achieve it then continue from here on out without the cheating. Just remember, people will be telling you that you should stop as you look so different they aren't used to seeing you look the way you do, however if you gently point out that you are still classed as overweight perhaps they will ease off. Good luck.
  5. princess-of-power

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    Seriously, dont stop now.

    I got to a mere 7lbs away from goal last year and had people harping on at me that I was 'too thin' and looked awful.

    I listened to them and I sit here a year later 2 stone heavier and I wish I had listened to myself instead.

    I dont know what they're all going to say this time as my goal is 1 stone lighter than my original one.

    Your friends and family I assume have never known you thin, so to them, you do look different and gaunt. But to an objective outsider you will look like a healthy person. I hate to say it, but I think people are saying this down to jealousy. In their mind you've always been fat and now you are getting healthy, they dont like it. People invariably dont like change.

    Please dont quit yet. You are so close to goal that you can taste it and I think that tastes better than food. If you quit, you could end up like me and Im so depressed about it although Im doing something about it now.

    Laura x
  6. TheMilkTrayMan

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    You have my complete sympathy - I echo this exactly!

    People CONSTANTLY telling me to stop now, I look ill, it cant be good blah blah blah. But surely, it's up to me! It's my body, I should know when it's time to stop!?

    Personally I feel I have about a stone of weight-loss still to go. Yes I have now reached the pyhsical size I want to be, but there is still a bit of an apron of belly I want to shift. If that's what I need to do to feel happy about myself - then why not go for it? I am not planning to do this sort of extreme diet again, so why not stay on it until I am happy, until I reach my goal, which is a weight I would be happy to maintain at, and yet has a bit of a comfort zone in case my weight does fluctuate up and down slightly!

    The peer pressure has got me down, and I did give in on Tuesday and Saturday this week, had massive day's of eating, all be it low carb. And definitely weighed more the morning after than I had before the binge - although in the case of the Tuesday's food-fest, I put on 2.5lb but within 2-days was 3.5lb lighter, so it didnt last! Official WI today, time will tell if I am nearer my goal, nearer the end. But back on the wagon this week, with a push for the finish line. Sod the doubters - might have to start being rude to people to put them off trying to put me off!! Lol
  7. rachelh

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    Well I think you need to sit down now and make a decision - do you want to lose more weight, or do you want to stay where you are?
    Forget other people and think about what is right for you.
    If you do decide to stop, set a date when you will stop in a few days (not today - if you are feeling tempted you probably can't trust yourself to make that decision for today).
    Once you've made the decision, stick with it. You know you have to do this 100 per cent if you want to keep going with it, and then refeed properly. If you want to stop, and that'll make you happy, do it.
  8. kitten kat

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    Aww, bless, It is hard when others have a moan.. Its a big decision you have to make. If you really feel you want to lose some more weight, stick with it...stop nibbling, and really try to stay focused. :):)
    Good luck hun..x
  9. SlimJ

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    was in MacDonalds yesterday with my 3-year-old who insisted... (!)
    Could barely resist popping one chip in my mouth! Managed thank god, but I think people were looking at me strangely when they say my tongue hanging out and my eyes riveted to her tray. I must have been a nice shade of green with food envy! I'm just starting week 7 today and can completely empathise!
  10. cuddlyfairy

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    Hunny, you are losing weight for you not anyone else and you must stop when YOU feel you are ready not when they say. Officially your weigh is still unhealthy so these people are either just worried for you coz they aren't used to you being slimmer than before or jealous of your dieting success. I have only had one person tell me to not go too far and at that point I was still officially obese! I assure people that I am only doing this to get healthy and to lose my fat stomach and when I have done that I will stop! I have assured them I have no intention of going too far but will stop when I am ready!

    You mustn't eat anything, it just makes the journey so much harder! If you want to stop then do it properly but nicking is just wasting the money you are spending on the packs. I'm 22 weeks in and have to cook every night for my family, it isn't always that easy but it has to be done and, apart from sticking my finger in my mouth absentmindedly twice, I have managed to not eat. You can do this if you want to.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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