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Hi all,

I am on day 6 of my weight loss plan, I can't see anyone else following my 'plan' and I've only seen negative things written so I expect I'll be slated but I thought I'd say hello and see how it goes.

I am using SlimFast as a SS. I know it has a higher carb load than CD or LL and isn't as low calorie (although I have tweeked quantities a little to bring it to around 500kcal) but I think it is best for serving my needs. As I say, I've managed 5 1/2 days and it hasn't made me want to eat as I feared it might. It has been so much easier emotionally to just say 'no food at all', the hardest thing is getting in at least 4ltrs of water. It almost feels too easy - maybe it is,

I am 5'7 and started the plan at 13st4lbs, I'd like to get down to 10st7lbs - a weight I've not seen since my early teens and a healthy BMI.

Anyway, great to 'meet' you all, there are some fantastic inspirational people here and I hope to get to know you all.
Hi Poots
Nice to met you. I'm not going to slate your plan (unconventional though it is) but I hope you're taking lots of vitamin supplements as SF isn't nutritionally complete. Also, couldn't you add a little bit of very lean protein to preserve your muscle mass?

A VLCD is any diet under 800 cals so you could add a small protein rich meal and still stay within that criteria.

Keep us posted on how things are going.
I'm not medically qualified to advise as such or to say how safe your plan is or isn't - I just don't think I have the right to judge.
Hi and welcome!
Not going to slate your 'plan' although would agree about the vitamins and maybe iron....

I know not everyone can afford CD or LL so which ever way works and is healthy is fine lets face it.. we're all here to lose weight.

Good luck getting to your goal! ;)
Hi Poots and welcome to Minimins.
Well done on getting to day 5 the first few days are always the hardest.
No one on this site will ever slate youre choice of dieting,as we all know how hard it is to diet.
Do you feel like u r getting enough nutrients from slimfast or are you taking added suppliments,and do u have an evening meal with slimfast,sorry dont know 2 much about the diet.

Pls feel free to post and no mater what plan you are on or what ever stage of your weight loss journey there will always be support for you from us here on Minimins.
Hope you have a good weekend,take care x

I started CD last week and my weight was 13st 2lbs lost 6 lbs last week and my target weight is 10st 7lbs! Not sure how many that is to go, quite similar starting and end weights as yourself. Must admit I'm finding it a real struggle and am starving!
Hi all, thanks for your comments. :)

I do take a good and very inclusive multi vit and min, I should have mentioned that, I am also taking a seperate iron tablet as my hb was a little low. I will think about adding protien though, maybe in the form of adding powder to my shakes/soups though as it is important to me to not have any 'real' food - I don't trust my will power yet. I did have to introduce fibogel this morning. :eek:

Noodles, very similar weights, are you about my height (5'7") too? Sorry you are feeling starving, I can relate but I'm trying to mentally think of it as the feeling of fat being burned.

I've got a party to go to tomorrow and I don't want to make a fuss about the diet, it's a buffet and I'll have my children with me so I hope that I can get a plate for my little one and I to 'share'.
Hi Poots

Welcome and good luck with your plan.
I'm glad you are taking the extra vitamins, that is what is so great about CD, it's all included.

Jazzy x
i did it.

well well well. i never thougt it would happen. a fellow sfer. i started cd in june and found myself really really hungry. i couldnt do it and did exactly wot u r doing on sf. this seemed to fill me up more than the cd shakes and it got me through 2 weeks that i wouldnt have survived on cd. i then progressed back to cd and was then ready to stick to it. my weight losses on sf were good over the 2 weeks and you never know you may progress in a short while after you have been used to less calories. good luck on your journey

I am 5'7 and sarted at 15.6 and am now 12.8.
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Hi hermione,

Great to hear you managed it. :) I've set myself a target of 28 days to see how I go and will decide after that where I go.

I'm having IVF (frozen transfer) in May so want to be a healthy size and back on a normal diet by then and I'd like to wean gradually onto real food so I'm hoping I have enough time. I also want to look fab (well, as fab as pos with my ugly mug!) for Christmas - I can't claim it's all a health thing. :)

My mum did CD many years ago and was extremely poorly on it which is why I've not looked into vlcds before but I now know it's beacuse she didn't realise she had to drink more water so the ketones built up.

Weigh in tomorrow although it's TOTM so I'll not be too disapointed if I don't lose a lot.

Glad you are losing your weight okay, but please be careful. Slimfast is not a VLCD and doesn't comply with the regulations to make it safe to use in this way. Even with a multivitamin you cannot get all the nutrients and micronutrients needed.

As you are going for IVF you really must ensure you are getting complete nutrition as you slim.

The decision is of course yours.

Good luck with your plan but I have to echo whats already been said. On CD you get all the vitimins and minerals needed. So be careful and good luck xxx
Can i just ask why you don't just do CD??? As someone already said, SF is not designed to be used in this way and could be dangerous - especially if you need to get your body in peak condition for IVF. Surely you could afford £31.50 per week and do it the sensible and easy way?!?!?!

I don't think you even get into ketosis on SF, but then i may be wrong??

I'm sorry to say but i think you're mad doing SF in this way! I know everyone else is being more polite about it but it just doesn't make sense to me whatsoever!

Hope i haven't offended you.
Honey, I thought of trying SF, but reacted to the VERY high concentration of guar gum.
Put me in hospital for a month.
But then I tried CD and it worked. I also saved money on my grocery bills. It is weird but doing this diet is saving me about £700 a month. no wine, no meals out and especially no cookies and cake. End result more money in the bank at the end of the month and a fantastic holiday in August paid for by the diet. Besides, it is my investment in me, I am nearly 40 and for the past 12 years have put everyone and anything before myself, this resulted in my self esteem going through the floor. This is my chance to look after me and persue something I want for myself. Hope that you are doing well, and that the weight loss is going well.
take care