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Teresa's Journey to thin and healthy

Well here goes again and hopefully this time will be forever.
I have been to the darkside recently and tried the new propoints ww plan but i am sick of eating small ready meals and my whole body is screaming out for some healthy food.
So i am back and this time i am determined to be 9stone at some point.

I weighed this morning and i am 11 stone so only 28lbs to go!!!

If you have advice or can help in anyway feel free to post i am doing it from home without class so i probably will get things wrong and need as much support as possible.

Day One
Extra Easy

Brunch - really filling and yummy
Smoked Salmon
Scrambled Eggs
Grilled Tomatoes - 1/3
1 slice of 400g wholemeal bread

Snacks - forgot how nice these are
Mullerlight, Mullerlight, Frenchfries, 1 finger of kit kat

Lunch - quick bite before going out, forgot the 1/3 free, should have ate salad or fruit wont forget again.
1 slice of 400g wholemeal bread
Bernard Matthew Honey Roast Turkey

Tea - now in the oven, getting hungry now so really looking foward to this
Jacket Potato
Huge Salad - 1/2 plate so hopefully make up for lack of 1/3 at lunch

Syns today - 6.5
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Welcome back Teresa:D

I've started again too (couple of weeks ago) after trying Pro-points too - exactly the same as you - I've come back to SW as I sick of eating ready meals and being hungry:mad: I found it just didn't work for me.

I've got 27.5lb to lose now too.

Today's food looks great.

Good luck xxx
Monday - Day two - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Banana, Raspberries

Lunch - Orzo Pasta, 2 slices of turkey, Large Mixed Salad

Tea - Chicken New Yorker, 42g low fat cheddar, Jacket Potato, Green Beans, Carrots, Corn

Snacks - Satsuma, Mullerlight, Raspberries

Chipsticks - 6.5syns, chocolate dygestive - 4 syns

syns today 10.5
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Tuesday - Red Day

Breakfast - Banana

Lunch - Prawn and Smoked Salmon salad, Mullerlight

Tea - Pork and Cider Hotpot, Cauliflower, Green Beans and Carrots, New Potatoes

Snacks - Rich Tea Biscuit - 2 syns
2 slices of 400g loaf wholemeal bread, Dairylea Light Triangle - 1.5 syns
2 Satsumas
1 Banana
Oat so simple - raspberries
Chocolate Dygestive - 4 syns

Syns today 7.5
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Well done on getting back to it! I hope we can support each other! Xx
Wednesday - Extra Easy working late shift 1-9pm

Breakfast - 2 slices wholemeal 400g loaf, dry fried beef, onions, Brown Sauce - 1 syns, Mullerlight

Lunch - Prawns, 2 nice biscuit - 4 syns

Tea - Spaghetti Bolognese

5 syns today so far

The Pork and Cider Hotpot from this weeks magazine was okay but i dont think it will become a regular in our house. As for the Chicken New Yorker last night that was amazing, it tasted just as good as a meal out in a restaurant and the whole family really enjoyed and it has become a favourite SW recipe from now on xx
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Thursday - Extra Easy

Breakfast -

Lunch - Pasta Bolognese leftovers from tea Weds, satsuma, banana.

Tea - Crab Stuffed Haddock with large side salad

This is one of my favourite teas, and hopefully another good day to come. I am so enjoying being back on plan and the saving points for the weekend is going great.

I am at a hen night saturday so i saving what i can to enjoy a few beverages, so far i have 31 syns saved so a few vodkas maybe coming my way.


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Monday May 2nd 2011
Extra Easy day

Breakfast - Toasted Bacon and Tomato sandwich
Lunch - Barbequed Beef Kebabs x 2, Chicken Drumstick without skin and Large Salad, Little Honey and Mustard Low fat dressing
Tea - Ham, Low fat Noodles and Salad
Snacks - Jaffa Cake, Wotsits and 2 dygestive - 15 syns

Not a bad day the salad was lovely, and i have made sweet potato and butternut squash soup for tomorrows lunch


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Tuesday 3rd May
Extra Easy

Breakfast - Banana, Plum
Lunch - Wholemeal Roll with Ham, Sweet potato and Butternut Squash Soup, Mullerlight
Tea - Spaghetti Bolognese, Mullerlight
Snacks - cookie 2.5 syns
freddo 5 syns
Large Snack a jack cheese - 2 syns
Dygestive - 3.5 syns

Syns today 13
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Weds, Extra Easy on a late at work

Breakfast - Boiled Eggs and Wholemeal Bread Soilders
Lunch - New Potatoes, Bolognese Sauce left over from yesterday and 42g low fat cheddar, Mullerlight
Tea - Prawns, sweet chilli dipping sauce - 1.5 syns
Snacks kit kat 2 finger 5.5 syns
2 cookies - 5syns

Syns so far - 15.5
Getting on okay so far, for my first week on plan for a while, actually enjoying it
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Thurs Extra Easy

Breakfast - Toasted Bacon and Tomato Sandwich
2 satsumas
Lunch - Jacket Potato and Baked Beans
Banana, Grapes
Tea - Ham Egg and Slimming world chips
Syns - 5 - 2 ginger biscuits, 1.5 fried egg
syns today 6.5
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Friday -Extra Easy

Just had a major cook up so lots of yummy things planned for tomorrow.

Breakfast - Banana and Mullerlight
Lunch - Leftover Bolognese with pasta twirls and brocolli, sweet potato cheddar patties
Tea - Chilli and Rice, with Wedges

0 syns so far so may sneak a few drink into tomorrow night


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Saturday - Extra Easy

Breakfast -Poached Egg, slice of wholemeal bread, tinned plum tomatoes, bacon

Lunch - Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks - 6 syns, Mullerlight

Tea - Roast Chicken, Large Salad, New Poatoes

Snacks - Mango


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Sunday - Extra easy

Breakfast - Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes grilled, Poached Egg, Black Pudding - 6 syns

Lunch - Dry Fried Beef Steaks marinated in herbs, 1/2 Jacket Potato and Large Salad

Tea -

Snacks - 2 Satsumas, Curly Wurly - 6 syns

Syns today 12


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Monday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Slice of Wholemeal Bread, Poached Egg

Lunch - Beef Steak dry fryed in herbs with Salad, Mullerlight

Tea - Spinach, Bacon, Tomato, Chopped Peppers, Chopped Red Onion, 3 Egg Omelette

Snacks - 2 Satsuma's, Banana, 3 ginger biscuits 7.5 syns, Slice Wholemeal Bread - Dairylea Light Triangle - 1.5 syns

Syns today so far 9
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Tuesday - extra easy

Breakfast - Banana and Satsuma

Lunch - Courgette Soup - 2 syns, Mullerlight

Tea - Aldi Lamb Shank in Mint and Rosemary Sauce - 3.5 syns, Vegetables, Mash Potatoes

Snacks - Grapes, Melon

Syns so far 5.5 syns

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