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Terrible pain!

Woke up this morning to the most awful stomach pain....like a stomach cramp but worse! Anyone else had this?

I'm only on day 3 of SS and have just been thinking about giving it up....though worried about eating just in case the same pain happens again. I've never had anything like it. Started in the stomach and then seemed to rise up to just under my ribs...it was awful. I know I sound completely melodramatic...but it kept going on and on and thought it was an appendicitis or a heart attack or something!

Stomach still feeling queasy and not looking forward to sleeping tonight in case the same thing happens again :(
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The Diet Guy
Sounds like you a need a visit to the GP to just get checked out, not sure if it is diet related or not but regardless you need to see a medical profession with any sort of chest / stomach pain.



I can do this.
Mikes right....u should see your gp,but i had something simular and it was trapped wind.


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The Lovely James Hetfield
Hope you're feeling better rhubarb, as honey mentioned it could be trapped wind not nice at all. Probably nothing to worry about but if it continues as others have said it may be worth having it checked out....xxxx


a bit different everyday
yep same here, trapped wind , and it is sooooo painful, Ive had it a few times now and just had it last week, owwww
Hey all!

Just wanted to say thanks for the replies, really appreciate it!

I phoned docs the next day and typical, I couldn't get in, which is terrible really. It's one of those surgeries where you have to phone first thing in the morning when they open the phones. Then, if lucky enough to get through to the recorded message, you sit waiting for half hour....anyway, enough of me moaning!

The next day I didn't have any pain, thank heavens. So I didn't try to get into the docs again, as thought I'd just look a bit stupid. On day 4/5 (can't remember which...it's all a haze!) I put myself on 790 though. I kinda knew that if I'm going to stick on this diet, I'll need something to chew. I know that I'd go into ketosis and so on, but I just can't explain it....having everything liquid makes it hard. Perhaps I just haven't got the will power for SS (big respect to those that do it for months) but just having that little bit extra on 790 has made me feel a lot happier.

Anyway, weighed myself this morning and lost 9lbs! :eek::eek::eek: I know that will go right down next week, but it's kept my will power going for the moment!



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Glad you're feeling better now and well done on the loss, that's a great start. The losses on 790 are only slightly lower so you'll still do really well :)

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