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Tesco Half Fat Cheese Slices?

Hi Everyone,
I'm on the EE plan and have been finding it difficult to eat 6 extra light laughing cow triangles a day so thought i would try having 2 light dairylea cheese slices a day instead.....however when I got to Tesco they only had the full fat Dairylea slices so I bought the half fat Tesco cheese slices instead.....can anyone tell me if these can be used as my healthy extra A instead of the dairylea ones?
If not could anyone tell me the syn value of them please?
Thankyou :D
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Fighting the bulge
Cheese Slices, Singles with Ham, 10 pack 20g each
Edam Cheese Slices, 8 pack 30g each
Ham & Cheese Slice, chilled 162g each
Healthy Eating, Mature Cheese Slices, 8 pack 29g each
Mature Cheddar Cheese Slices, 8 pack 30g each
Mild Cheddar Cheese Slices, 8 pack 30g each
Mozzarella Cheese Slices,12 pack 12.5g slice

Im not sure if they are a Hex or not i would assume so if the type of cheese they are (ie cheddar) is a Hex.

As for syns they only have these on the SW website and im not sure which on it is so if you let me know then i can look at the syns for you

They are Tesco Half Fat Cheese Singles....there's 10 in a pack, each slice is 20g apparently and in the EE book I have, a healthy extra A can be 2 slices of light dairylea and they weigh 28g each?!
Maybe I should've just looked around and got the proper dairylea slices!


Fighting the bulge
mayb that would have been easier lol

Its probably because they are 'light'. I duno what to suggest mate sorry! Maybe text your C?

If it was me personally i would count it as HEXs and have 2 the same as dairylea as most reduced fat cheese is 42gs

I don't have a consultant as I'm going it alone (well with the help from minimins!) I've just looked in my syns book and it says light dairylea slices (25g) are 2.5 syns each and non branded light/reduced fat cheese slices (20g) are also 2.5 syns each so surely it wouldn't matter to replace the dairylea ones and use the tesco ones as my healthy extra? I think I'm answering my own question now lol!! (forgive me, it's a monday!)

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